PvP Matchmaking supposed to match like this?

So, I’m not really one to complain, just curious whether or not the PvP matchmaking system is firing properly?

I get that some of these might be because they are revenge battles, but not all of them are… These were the opponents I was getting while I was rank 6-12 on the leaderboards, and it also might be worth noting that my Power Rating is around 6,100.

Is the only option to skip these? As there is really no point in fighting them due to their low RP and minimal gold returns.

There was plenty more match-ups just like these, these are the only that I bothered SC’ing, though, as more would just be redundant (although, admittedly, 10 may have already got me there…). At any rate, I’m in an active guild, so the gems are that big of a deal, but wasn’t sure if something was malfunctioning. I don’t mean to be smug, be the enemies I’m acquiring aren’t close to my rank so it seems a bit strange. I always take the third option when fighting reasonably priced bounties, and I don’t skip/avoid any specific teams.

Anyhow, thanks in advance.

These look normal. Your currently in the 4k teir of enemies with the exception of what appears to be a 2kish enemy because of a lose or something at one time or another.

Depends on your definition of ‘supposed’.

It looks “working as intended” copying details form other games that are not fun at all.
I see you at #8 on the global leader board fighting those 4k squirrel teams while others fight 7600+ in hard and over 6k in other slots. Even at the rank 25k and tier 15.

Guess that is responsible for the massive decline I see in pvp activity (735 pts worth rank 18.5k on Thursday).

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Yes, but if that’s the case, then the question is why am I in the 4k Tier of enemies? My Power Rating is now around 6700. I should be matching against similarly scored teams, not noticeably lesser teams. It doesn’t make sense.

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I don’t actually fight these teams. That’s why I was wondering why this is happening, because every time I see these, I skip them. Now I’m not at an extreme gem deficit, but I have spent a few skipping these and wouldn’t like to continue doing so if something is misfiring. The majority of the teams I face are 6-8K, as those are the only ones worth fighting from an economic standpoint.

Ah so, thanks for the clarification.

This happens to me too–long stretches where instead of an easy, medium and hard opponent I get three options at a narrow spread of difficulty & almost always the difficulty is “easy” and the gold reward is low.

It’s really frustrating. I usually fight the battles just to get them over with but I have no idea what triggers a reshuffle that brings me back to a better range of enemies–it’s probably random.

That’s odd…

Mine normally go 6k, 7k, 8k power…

Just now and then I get something like 2k, 5k, 8k… or just now it was 8k, 8k, 7k, which makes no sense…


First off, you don’t have a power rating. Your teams do. The power rating of the invader’s teams most likely has no effect on matchmaking. Second, the pool of available opponents at any given time is less than the total number of players, so there will be times where you’re given opponents drastically out of your normal range. I don’t know what the matchmaking rules are, but it’s been mentioned that it prefers active players who haven’t been attacked recently.

Considering fact, that it encourages players to spend gems and works like this for a long time then it’s probably intentional.

Sorry for the syntactical discrepancy. I assumed that when I said my power rating, you would realize that I was talking about my team. I’m aware that it is specific to team and not blanketed by player. Anyways, a brief analysis of my past matches by the internal system should realize that I am consistently fighting (and beating) the hardest possible teams (by power rating) possible in the game. Additionally, it doesn’t make logical sense that the system would match me with lesser teams if it goes by your mentioned theory of opponent interaction; considering every time I get those low teams I refresh using gems and after one to three resets I am matched with proper enemies (6,000-8,000 PR).

Yes, I suppose that it could be on purpose to encourage gem spending, but it’s so minimal that it seems asinine for it to be intentional. Then again, I have probably spent upwards of 100 gems of refreshes by this point, if not more. I was hoping for a dev response for some sort of clarification, but it’s not a big deal.

Are you using the same amount of power points on your defensive team as you are on offense?

I find i get these numbers when I have a lower castle defense vs my offense.

Sometimes I just place a fortress gate (one) or my lowest common card in there and get these low numbers across the board when I spend my diamond. As long as I keep a fortress gate or low common card in there I continue to get low numbers though a little higher than the last time.

I believe the matchmaking to be tied to level and defense power points. So far that’s what I have seen as well when using a diamond and putting only one low card in the defense slot

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i dont get you guys
the forum itself seem to encourage to necro threads rather then creating another of same content, also devs do necro threads themselves sometimes, i dont see anywhere a rule why not to necro :confused:

im still curious what was the reason for occassional low team score pvp choices

my best bet would be one of these:

  • artificially low team score defense
  • if lost invade the difficulty drops for next enemy rolls?
  • sometimes available enemies to choose from get narrowed so the system has to pick from who is left off

Well, necro’ing topics on forum boards has long been something that is looked down upon. By the time you necro a post, it has normally either been beaten to a bloody pulp already (either through meme graffiti, politics, derailment, etc.) or has been resolved elsewhere on the forum or sometimes even in the thread.

Now, to be fair, this issue of PvP matchmaking has never truly been addressed (if it has, then I am ignorant to it; please link sources if has been covered). To the best of my knowledge, there are only theories about altering enemy compositions and difficulty levels (in terms of BPR).

Popular (and unpopular) theories include: your defense team BPR, your average offense team BPR, your win/loss rate, your quit rate, your favorite color, your kingdom levels/stars, your mastery levels (or percentages), your level, your current placement on weekly leaderboards, your previous placement on weekly leaderboards, etc. However, all of this is anecdotal, because (as far as I know) nothing has ever been confirmed or denied by the developers. Frankly, I don’t think that it ever will be. PvP is a place where you can battle against an ever-changing meta over and over again; the formula for matchmaking being a proprietary blend that makes you so frustrated that you are ready to quit the game in entirety, but just curious enough that it keeps you enthralled in the mystery of its atrocity.

Have fun! :smiling_imp:

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