PvP idea maybe

Enrage + Godslayer will work wonders.

But I’m not yet convinced that these are going to be troops for player use. Yes, they’re in the spoilers / database as a “coming attraction”, but so too were some of the Tower troops we only see on the other side of an Invasion event, the half-dozen variants on Ctharrasque we fight during Raidboss, et cetera.


These guardian troops have a kingdom associated to them, unlike the different Ctharrasque boss troops for the raid event. This is one of the reasons why we believe these will be player owned, even if they are displayed incorrectly on Taransworld.

Personally, I am trying to find new and engaging content to keep me playing this mode because the pvp grind is mindless and endless, not giving me much motivation to keep going.

Just stop grinding PVP. I do my 6500 VP each week and generally call it a day. Saves plenty of time and my sanity.


We got one tower
We got one ctharrasque

So your point points to us getting one.
Going by your examples surely.

They’re no longer in the databases that Taransworld pulls their information from, but a couple of Towers (Easter and Christmas) and the six variants of Ctharrasque that we see during Raidboss events were listed there at one time prior to their appearance inside the game.

We’ve seen in the past that stuff listed amongst the spoilers isn’t necessarily for public release and player use. They’ve floated many a “trial balloon” there in the past, showing us stuff that changed into other forms for when it eventually entered the game. For example, there was a period of time when there was an untitled/undated future troop release that had the “Elemental Force” trait prior to any indication that we were going to get the Nexus kingdom.

You can’t take the spoiler page as absolute gospel. Stuff is subject to change, sometimes major changes at that. Or it might include stuff that’s stashed there simply as a “storage” idea while other stuff gets worked out.


Eh, yeah, confusing Invulnerable with Impervious WAS worth a laugh. I also forgot which post the edit box was associated with and I lost my edit. Double whoops)

Should we assume these details are for some PVE boss troop?

I haven’t actually tested this yet but I want to assume spells that directly reduce stats don’t necessarily qualify as “damage” for the traits to activate.

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I tested an enraged hero using the titan class with ocea’s tome, baldur, the onyx giant and mistralus up against a team of leonis towers and can confirm that the FIRST skull hit will do double damage. It’s just that you lose enrage after you connect with skulls because it’s a positive effect that acts like bless. You lose the status as soon as you take an action.

However, I fought against leonis tower again using the savage hunter and it did the same amount of skull damage relative to the higher attack value it got when I wasn’t using my hero. This would confuse new players because they would think enrage and hunter’s mark would increase the skull damage.

Here, we can see the difference between a positive effect like enrage being applied but a negative status like hunter’s mark not being applied. Invulnerable, impervious or bless could block negative status effects but stun can remove traits and curse can remove positive effects. Curse being applied on bless and bless being applied on curse always cancel each other out. Easy to understand now. I think.

However, this goes even deeper with the gnoll traits because the double damage they deal to specific colored troops would work with enrage, making them able to deal quadruple skull damage to these guardian troops.

I miss discussing strategies and game mechanics like this. The game is so boring nowadays…:dizzy_face:


So the gnolls will deal quad damage .
Minus 75,%
So single damage in essence.
And the gnolls gotta be in top spot.

Atleast if the get released , they’ll be fun to play.
Not one button bashers .

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I did say for newer gamers and you having a low level account doesnt really qualify as you already have experience from your high level account. Look I really shouldnt care but it does seem to me to be a easy fix , of course they would have to redefine some weapons like moving wand of stars to mythic status etc. But it would make for a little more variety. Rarity restriction would be cool imho.

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Damn hell yeah

Rarity restrictions.

Weapons and troops. Bring on the common and rare kingdoms. Love it

I’m in.

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Why yes… yes you did! But my point was about this:

I replied:

I in no way equated my low level acct. with actually being new. I simply said that while I would be fine with newbies not facing mythics and legendarys, that they already don’t face those. Because other newbies don’t have them, either. Unless you are thinking that I am exercising some sort of game knowledge to avoid those battles? (I’m not)

I’m going to go a step further and say that pvp right now, today, is really easy for low levels. My low level account has one loss, because I had to quick quit the game, heh. If I was REALLY new? It would be more losses, for sure. But if I was really new under the old pvp it would mean at least the same amount of losses.

To put it another way… how would it help newbies to go from facing nothing but trash teams to facing nothing but trash teams? I don’t think actual newbies are suffering under the current pvp (if they can even find it, heh)

What we need is some sort of help for the level 1000-1500 crowd. Maybe 800-1500? :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure where the demarcation line is, because my main account is fine and my newbie account is fine.

I see you making those weird topics, what about get PVP back to the state from before “fix”, when it was best iteration since game launch? Why people keep making hoops around with ideas that would only lead to more shitty system with how fixes are applied to this game xD

I think it was the Bard class that got a huge change before release. I think it was somthing like silence a random enemy on 4/5 gem matches.

Half a nuke – Mang and friends cut through Armor, or you can just opt for True Damage. We already know Berserk bypasses Skull resistance traits (again, Mang), and (I specifically tested for this) Charm damage bypasses all resistances outright.

Ooo nice charm

I new the succubus queen was good.

What are the odds… Double Dragon ahhhh take me back to when games were good.

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