Stellarix is stupidly overpowered. Change the 3x back to 2.1

PVP has become absolutely nightmarish since the Stellarix change. This was a bad, bad idea. Combined with the Wand of Stars, it’s almost trivial for a defense team to completely annihilate you if you let them get a single move in.

This reminds me a lot of the early meta days when mythics were first introduced and there was no realistic defense against certain teams. It got better as more mythics and features were introduced, and I’d say up until recently the effectiveness of metagaming was nerfed pretty well.

Increasing Stellarix’s magic boost ruined that. Against a WoS/Stellarix combo, if you don’t have a way to grab an early start and you give the enemy even a single turn, you’re screwed. Instantly, unfixably screwed. The new PVP went from a pretty enjoyable experience to a complete slog with this change. (The monoliths were a nice change. Unfortunately we got only about a week out of them before PVP was ruined by Stellarix.)

We really need a nerf for the Wand of Stars too. Something as simple as reducing the stars it produces, or changing the bless/curse to affect only 2 troops instead of an entire team, or preferably both, would improve things tremendously. But for now, Stellarix is the bigger problem.


How about no?

When has nerfing anything ever done any good?

Before it was journey troops. They’re now so bad that journey has become a nightmare of an event.

The issue doesn’t lie with Stella or with the wand, nor did it lie with journey troops - PvP is the issue.

Also, Stella was buffed before it became a problem in PvP, right after journey troops got nerfed - if you need a refresher.

It only became a problem in PvP with the latest changed to PvP - so the issue is that those changes were made, not Stellarix or the wand.


Here we go screaming nerf again… how about play something else if you can’t then try another game mode.

This gets old and it’s why good players quit. And let me guess is that you don’t have stellarix yourself.

I absolutely vote against this :100:!


Please don’t nerf anything, otherwise there will always be a new meta in the game that some people will be upset about. Especially since the game becomes more difficult for the lower players. Nerfes also affect exploration and that is not desirable. A changed PvP system would make people more satisfied.



As someone that doesnt have him. NO. Blood frenzy makes him stupidly op. Dont nerf him due to one sub part of one mode


Btw. Wand, zuul, takshaka takshaka can stop stellarix at a good clip. Two taks tends to get your wand filled before theirs, and you pop their stellarix with zuul. You’ll lose some with bad rng sure. But its not near unbeatable


It’s not the magic boost that’s the problem, IMHO; it’s that Stellarix sinks all the mana it generates: it will very often self-loop through its Elemental + Umbral Star gem creation. That’s the danger of giving it even one turn: once it has its turn it’s likely to loop on it until it’s wiped your team.

…and there’s the problem. That mana-cost change was sufficient to constrain the single-color cosmics, but it’s not sufficient to prevent Stellarix from self-looping.

Stellarix currently has a mana cost of 32; let’s compare to the next-highest mana costs:

  • Daemon Gnome, mana cost 50: yeah, who cares, nobody ever uses this
  • Enraged Kurandara, mana cost 35: higher than Stellarix, but it only uses 3 mana colors and it has only indirect mana gen in its spell via its doomskull creation
  • Zuul’Goth, mana cost 32: same as Stellarix, uses only 3 mana colors, no mana gen
  • Stellarix, mana cost 32: uses all 6 mana colors, generates all 6 colors

Stellarix has huge mana gen and can sink all the mana it generates; it should cost more to cast – maybe significantly more – than Zuul and EK.


Absolutely not. I don’t trust the devs to make any proper nerfs, because they have a history of over-nerfing things to the point where they become useless. Journey troops are a prime example of unnecessary and excessive nerfs.

Nerfing isn’t the answer. Reverting PVP defenses to the way they were in 7.3 is.


Meh, I disagree, that feels more like a complaint about the Journey event structure itself.

When you put it that way, Stellarix is almost the new Chalcedony.

Red day isnt bad. Most fights i can kill their stellarix first. At least if you lose its fast. Yesterday with dwarf Blackhawk was awful

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And heres against the go to “busted” team. Long as your wand fills first you usually can win. Heck often it might be better to kill their wand before stellarix

Be thanfkul elementalist is OP lol. It locks down the rest of the team

Also life monolith and seasond medals let you take 1 stellarix shot.

Red day is quite easy vs setllarix. 80 fights today. I think i lost more yesterday

Well in this case an empowered troop isnt the problem haha. Takshaka pushed stellarix and wand over the top.

Im not asking for a nerf btw.

Even my strong teams can be one-shotted by Stellarix, so I still think the 3x is too much. It’d still be a nasty troop at 2.1 but there’s no reason that a high-tier PVP player should get totally nuked by another one in a single shot just because they’re fighting under blood frenzy.

But you’re right that Stellarix having all mana colors is perhaps a bigger problem. If the magic boost is kept at 3x then the mana cost has to go up to at least 48. And honestly with the access to all colors, I think 60 is a better cost.


Or. You could try my suggestion. I had 80 fights to day in red. Lost 10 times. It can be beat and beat easily.

Nerfs are not wanted or needed. Also I dont have stellarix. Ive just learned how to beat it instead of whining to the devs to nerf it. Look at some of the pics i posted. Its very easy to beat any stellarix team with it.

Also if you put 4 season medals on and do monolith for life cant one shot you. If i get two turns i win and its sub 1 minute. Your issue is skill based. Sorry.


Well, it’s easy to win when you cheat. 4 season medals!!!

But Stella is beatable but you are still likely to get quick whipped if the board is against you like you could find in GW.

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Problem not Stellarix.Problem is WAND OF STARS.This weapon fill all troops+clean all troops for 18 mana(in fact 15 cuz all use elementalist 2 nysha+anu and start 3/18 mana on wand) lol…Stellarix just good option for pve-grinders who want 1-shot e9 or fast e12 and nothing more…Also if you still not have Stellarix your online not so big.This means you not need care about pvp-just make your 6500 VP/week for goldmarks and enjoy…Elon Musk have 200b.Arab sheikhs buy football clubs.Go nerf too this so unfair


I think the games balanced enough with stellarix as she \ he (I wouldnt like the job of sexing IT!! tbh) is , that is when you have access to all troop and weapons. I cant comment on how the game plays for newer gamers, guessing it must difficult. But i say No to Nerf!!

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