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PvP grind then TH to cool off ? Oh wait I have no time!

This post is about TH and why I have no time to play it… PvP gives me what I need but it would be nice to cool off with TH once in a while.

It takes alot of time to get alot of turns in TH for best rewards. Time that I must use in PvP to compete.

Would it be possible to have either of these options:

1- Implement an auto play for TH only. The human player is always better, it will see 3 match gems that can create 4-5 gem matches that the AI won’t see and will get better rewards… I just want to finish my TH fast. I have 200+ TH that I’ve been hoarding.

2- Let me sell my TH for 1K gold a piece for the good plays that you have given me a TH!

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@illusion I have started more than one thread about TH and I would love to see options offered. I would argue for one change to your selling suggestion.

Good can be made fairly easily. The one thing that TH offers that nothing else does is mutilpe stones so… Rather than 1000 gold, how about we can sell a map for 3 random stones. That is figuring an avg of 45 moves which is easy enough for most ppl if you invest a little thought into your game.

So do you enjoy the treasure hunt minigame or not? The oft-suggested auto-play or trading in maps for rewards would just make it that much less efficient to play treasure hunt, discouraging people who do enjoy playing it from doing so. It’s already not an efficient use of the player’s time – it would be better if people were making suggestions that would make it better, not worse.


Wish they just doubled the rewards instead of increasing them by 20%. Yes i understand that the overall turns decreased by 20% but that does not give a reasonable explanation as to why the profits were increased by that number. This only makes the game have the same gain per hour at the cost of using more maps fast. [quote=“Spherix, post:3, topic:9105”]
So do you enjoy the treasure hunt minigame or not?

i enjoy it.