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PVP freezes on battle log

Anyone else have issue where the Gems game freezes in the PVP menu when you “right bumper” tab over and find that you can’t get past “battle log” for if you are trying to check defense or leaders without Gems freezing up for a couple minutes on the battle log tab?

This is not a new problem, I have been dealing with it for some time and everyone just says, “wait a minute and it will move on over”.

But if the game is “locked up frozen” for more than a 2 minute wait by being stuck on battle log, I find that I have to leave the game by going to a club page or my profile or something else and the come back to gems for it to move on over.

Very annoying when you are on a trophy race, to get stuck in a delay on game play.

This is the fix for “wins count as losses”. If you can’t see how the game recorded the match, you can’t tell if it did it wrong.