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PVP difficulty spiked to astronomical levels -- Enemies with over 300 defense in PVP?

Suddenly I am being owned by T1s, and T3s are worse than Pet 8s? What is going on?

I am over level 1100 and my power isn’t even close to this…



That looks like casual pvp warlord iv


I’m not sure what “T3” is, but make sure you haven’t accidentally increased your difficulty setting.

That’s it, somehow I accidentally clicked on casual instead of ranked PVP, which I never do. I guess difficulty applies there.

Thanks, I thought I was going crazy.


Difficulty also influences the reward output, to my knowledge. Useful for Warlord IV Firebomb farming.

Just make sure your opponent isn’t hiding a Sunbird in with those Fire Bombs. :skull_and_crossbones:

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I have auto-scout from VIP 3, so I can 9 times out of 10 detect it, but occasionally, on the heavy PVP grinds, I click too quickly and get blind-sided.

Tack on a x4 Cedric Team, or as many as you have, throw on Apothecary, Alchemist, Finley, etc., and you’ve got yourself a decent amount of gold just for watching Fire Bombs explode.

Try Cedric, Cedric, Greed, Cedric. Cast greed as much as you can. Rake in the gold very quickly on Warlord IV against the firebombs.