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Puzzle Hints = Memory Leak

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Having puzzle hints enabled causes my Steam/mobile etc clients to eventually crash after a while. Could be as soon as 25 games, or as much as 100 games. Probably linked to how many moves or how many times the board is changed.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Turn puzzle hints on and play for awhile, you will notice sluggishness, then eventually images won’t load, then crash will happen.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Unable to post a screenshot of this, as a screenshot wont show how sluggish a game gets, would take a large video, and I do not do video.

Turns out even with Puzzle Hints off there is still a memory leak, It just does not happen as quickly.

I’m able to get at least 100 games before it becomes sluggish with puzzle hints off… but turned on it definitely crashes quicker.

I’ve suspected a memory leak for a while. It seems like what exacerbates it the most is explosions, and the more effects that fire at once the faster it gets bad. Dragon Soul with Giant Spider -first there’s all the exploded graphics, and if you get the right cascade as the new gems fill in you can get Big and Huge and Magic Link, then it matches Skulls and you attack something that triggers an effect. All the cascades after that are just slow. If there’s another explosion, you suffer through to the end of the match and restart.

I’ve recently upgraded my iPad, and this has become a lot more rare - it was far more obvious on the older version.

I mostly play this game on my PC…

Pretty decent PC:
Intel 4770k
16gb Ram
Windows 7 64bit
AMD 280x - 3gb

I should be able to play this game longer than an hour before it starts becoming VERY sluggish or crashes.

I also have a serious issue that gets bad FAST when farming with TDS, presumably due to explosion effects or calculations. It happens on my phone and tablet (both android) regularly; I’d say it becomes noticable after a dozen or so games and unplayable by 40 games.

Never experienced it on my laptop for some reason.

Yep, I get the same here, most noticeable when using a Bombot explore team. Lots of fast games featuring explosions. After 30mins of that, the iOS client lags so badly that I have to force close and restart.

Same here on iOS. It takes a good while before it gets sluggish, but eventually I have to reboot the iPad. It’s been this way for many months now. I don’t use puzzle hints.

The memory leaks happen for me whether or not I use teams with explosions or puzzle hints. I’m on Steam version, and this has been happening as long as I’ve been playing the game, regardless of which team I use, but fast clears and lots of effects seem to make it happen faster. My go-to team was Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy for a while, and even that wouldn’t last more than about 30 minutes without it becoming extremely sluggish. The same thing happens after enough PvP battles as well, or occasionally after trying to play after only having the game backgrounded all day and just tabbing in to collect tributes. Its slightly annoying, but a minor inconvenience to just restart the game when it happens at this point.

its a minor inconvenience for me at steam but when i try to play at mobile phone it slows down noticably fast