IS it just me or does the Puzzle help tick you off too?

I am starting to trust the puzzle helper less and less each day.

The puzzle helper is that thingy that shows a gem match (3 or more matches) and flashes them on the screen by making them larger than the others.

At first it was kind of helpful but now they get me into more trouble than it’s worth. I know I can turn them off but that will often find a 4 match that I might not see, so I keep them on. But the 3 matches are more often than not a terrible “Suggestion” I feel like it’s trying to set me up so that my opponent can get some great match ups. And if we both have the same needs for the same gems and it shows my a suggestion it never takes that move if I decide to cast a spell rather than take a move and my spell doesn’t change the gems on the board. (like using Luther or Sunweaver to up my attack, shield or whatever)

I feel the same as going to the doctor and them saying Ok, now bend over…ya know what I mean?

I can’t really trust the puzzle suggestion anymore but I also feel now that it’s messing with my head showing one suggestion when another SEEMS much better when suddenly it helps the other with multiple 4 matches and skull hits that appear out of no where, as if it knows what is going to drop from above the player board.

Soo frustrating sometimes…does anyone else feel like that?

I’ve never seen it as suggesting the best move, only a valid move.

The “best” move can be highly context-sensitive anyway. Sometimes it’s strategically sound to ignore some skulls or a 4-match. Other times you’re desperate to take skulls or an off-color match just to starve the opponent.

The AI is bad at those decisions, as evidenced by its performance on defense. So you shouldn’t trust it on offense, either. I only use the suggested hint after I’m pretty sure there’s no other move to consider.

(But your complaint is similar to what I pointed out in a different thread: it particularly hurts when the CPU makes a “stupid” move and skyfall leads to cascades. Short of some major algorithm changes it’s part of the game. A lot of the best teams are designed to reduce the colors on the board, which makes a scenario ripe for cascades.)


So, disable hints in the settings.

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I’ll find it useful tbh, not really for the move itself but when am nodding or bored and cba to look well it show me 4 matches i missed ;p

Other than that i never do what it suggest, the few time i did always regretted it haha.

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I sometimes purposely choose the other valid option just to neener neener. I dizna trust na old skunner a lick.