PS4 version bugged out a bit after update

Really liking the changes so far. Encountering a couple problems though. My PvP rank was reset to 15, also I bought the Sands of Time weapon pack (over an hour ago) and it has not become active yet. My bank account was charged 5 bucks though. I have even restarted the game a few times.

You’re going to want to submit a ticket to Customer Support for that Sands of Time issue. Details can be found here:

As for the PvP rank reset, we’ve seen a few reports of similar problems and are currently looking into possible causes.


speaking of bugs the "Buy 4 treasure maps* task does not work. i spent the glory on the treasure maps but the task did not complete

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The wording might be a little misleading in the title text, in the description it says “buy and use”. It completes per actual use of a scroll… And I bought one too thinking the same thing.

It should have said “Use 4 treasure maps”. The text has been updated to reflect the functionality.