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PS4 Mana bug? (Maybe Kraken specific?)

Occasionally when taking a match 3 with no surge, you only get 2 mana.

I’ve only seen it happen on Kraken and it’s not everytime, it’s only occasionally.

Is this a bug? When I’ve noticed it, my Kraken has not had any status effects on it.

What is your banner? Do you have -1 green or -1 purple?

Oh doh! I do, I have -1 mana on green matches on my banner.

That’s why I’ve not noticed it while taking purple.

God, I’m an idiot!


Lol no worry we all do mistakes :slight_smile:

What’s the best banner for a Korvash, Valk, Justice, Kraken team?

I would go for +1 yellow +2 red, you definitively want valk to be full first