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So... what happened to Kraken, exactly?

I know something’s up… but it isn’t in the patch notes. I’d be more than happy to figure it out for myself but I can hardly make anything out due to the horrible UI and graphics they put in. :confused:

nothing yet, since there is bug with 4/5 match mana surge

What is supposed to happen to Kraken? :open_mouth:

Kraken’s trait will only fire once ‘per board’. Before, a cast of forest troll could cause tentacles to activate many times due to the way that the game counts the number of matches. Now, it will only fire once. If there are more matches from cascades it will continue to fire.

This also affects all other traits that activate on 4+ matches, like big, huge, Jotnar, Yasmine etc.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad at this point. :confused:

Was this change intentional?

The change to trait activation was intentional. It was announced in a different thread, but I can’t find that now.

Well… I tried to use a dragon team and Kraken is still king with essentially a 100 percent devour chance thanks to troll looping. I have 3 mythic Krakens, a Mab, and a Forest Troll. So all this really did is screw over other characters that need whatever they can get against this team.

All of this is a moot point, however, as I can’t look at the game for more than one battle at a time without needing a break. Same with my girlfriend. And we’re both relatively young (under 30) with good vision. (She wears glasses, I do not.)

We both play on PC, she uses a laptop and I use a big Vsync monitor.

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