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Provide Chance for Minors with Disenchants

With all the gems thrown in and the imbalance in the system for minors this would provide a reasonable amount of rewards while restricting exploitation due to resource control of cards.

Additionally chance of reward/qty could change with rarity.


I am not sure this is a good idea now that pc/app has explore.

But Explore gives even less minors per battle than other modes…

I might actually bother disenchanting commons if I could get minor traitstones from it.

Not sure that is possible. A bit of exploring gives higher possibility of getting rarer stones but not higher than the lowest rarity stone.

What could also work would be to allow the downgrading of majors to minors or the substitution of minors by majors at the time of traiting. It is really strange to think that now you can be as happy getting a minor from explore than as getting an arcane :-/. And I don’t speak about celestial, I’ve not been able to spend a single of those yet because of associated arcanes cost, which greatly reduces my trully usable troops for teams, despite having nearly every troop (4 missing, of which 2 mythic)

Not as strange as you think, most players have a deficiency of minor red stones it seems, which is were most post come from. The reason for the red defecate is due in part to there being more red troops than any other troop color.

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I suggested something similar before - destroying Major traitstones for 2 minor traitstones…

It wil give major a value.

i have 10-1 major to minor right now. I’d gladly do a 10-1 swap. The imbalance is ridiculous.

I spent 5700 glory on the Fire Lizard bundle. Have no need for the troop since Broken Spire was already 5* and I had 20ish of the Red/Yellow arcanes already. I did it for the 57 minor reds so I could finish traiting Grosh-Nak up to 5*. Sadly, I need 240 more for Adana and I just don’t see it happening.

But hey, if I could find a use for the 7500+ mixed major stones that would rock!

Funny how Grosh-Nak and Adana are two of my four remaining kingdoms to 5-star. I wonder why that is. Minor Fire Traitstones, do you know? Oh they’re gone again. Gotta ask some other rare inanimate object.