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Profile mixup ps4

My friends are unable to invite me to their guild. When they try it tells them I’m already in one, which is not the case. Furthermore, when I try to view my own Gems of War profile, it tells me I’ve been offline for 700+ days and am hero level 19. This is also, SUPER not the case, as I play a lot and am HL 200+ at the time of writing this. From that screen on the gems app, you can access your PSN profile. When I try this, it brings me to someone else’s profile. Something is gettong crossed up on the server and its bumming me out something fierce.

I’ve llayed this for 2 years while my friends made fun of me and they finally joined and now I can’t play with them. Please help.152029526716594500500615202953253132105541725

Please submit a ticket to support and they should be able to help you sort this out!

Tried this, still waiting