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PSN Account profiles are not accessible since 3.4

On PS4 the link (Square button on Gems of War Player Card) to the PSN Profile is broken. The own PSN Profile is accessible but all others not.

Please fix it soon = no Chance to communicate with players outside your guild private, that makes a lot of things very difficult or impossible!

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Bump. This is a big problem

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Still broken and no hope until the next update.

Great…so how long until this next update?

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So they’ll fix things like gnomes and other things quickly. Though a function to access PSN profiles stays broken for long periods. Seems logical. I guess because PSN profiles do not add to their business so it can be delayed.

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I wonder if i pm a screen shot of a player i want to know if they would look for me.
The bad part is that there is more then one kratos in the game.

Why on earth do they allow the same name to be used multiple times?

I had 3 Chris’s in my guild at once before…


But they risk their business extremly with this bug, because it hurts the guild leaders more than every bug before. Guild Leaders are the multiplicators in this game and keep the community running, without it gems will rapidly go down on PS4 and a turnaround later will be nearly impossible.

If i now want to find new players for my guild my last and only chance is to spam in the global chat and ask every time for the PSN name from the new potential member. If i dont get it there is no real chance to communicate before invite, which is mandatory for a good guild.
Also no high(er) Level Guild is open for recruits or uses the ingame Chat.

So please make a bugfix soon, we need a 3.4.1 and cant wait for 3.5 in several months!
And check your QA smoke tests, this bug (on an unmodified standard function) should never had chance to find its way into a release.

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One (minor) additional info:
Your own PSN profile is still accessible, “just” all other are broken.

This is still majorly screwed up…when is a fix going to be available?

Bumping this again, I need some solid information about this.

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