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Can't Link my Account to GowDB

It asks for my Invite Code, my total number of minor wind traitstones, and my total number of Runic Fire traitstones. It keeps telling me that there is no hero with that invite code or traitstone total, even though I’m entering my information correctly.

Would be able to help you with that. Not a support issue for Gems of War though so I’m going to change the category to off topic.

Check to make sure you’ve chosen the correct platform. I tried linking my Xbox one to the pc and that was all i had to do to fix the issue.

Thank you.


I keep clicking the PS4 one, which is the platform I’m using.

Maybe it’s cap sensitive? Triple check the correct stones as well. Other then that I’m not sure. Lyya will help you out I’m sure

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It’s probably just me being really dumb, but I’ll keep fiddling around with it. Thank you though.

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