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Problem with The Great Maw at end of game?

Once near the end of a game there was only one enemy left on the opposing team. I used the Great Maw to devour him and win the game (I thought!). But, instead I got a msg re something about having no enemy to devour and the game crashed. After reloading, I found that I had Lost the game! The enemy I used him on did not have a trait to stop getting eaten, so I don’t know what happened… Has this happened to anyone else? Never had a problem before with him, only when trying to devour the very last enemy. Thanks very much.

I’ve not seen this personally, so I won’t be any help here.

You should put this in one of the “Support” categories (PC/Mobile or Console, depending on which version you are playing) to increase visibility.

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What!?!?!? There is something that the great Lyya hasn’t seen!?!?!? Congrats Warmskin!

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Name me! The ??? Robert :dizzy_face:

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So, no one else has ever had this problem, I take it? I’ll try again, perhaps it was a fluke… Thanks.

It does seem rare. Has it happened more than once?

I would say you just got unlucky at the wrong moment could be only a Server problem

Are you sure that you want to go there??? :laughing:

Do it. Im thick skinned and dont hold grudges :wink:

@Warmskin I have devoured the last opponent countless times since the traitchange, with no problems whatsoever so i do believe it to be a rarity in terms of bug. unfortunately ofcourse.

I will be nice.
Name me! The ??? Robert
Dread Pirate

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I think thats good!!

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So, I can see you’re having your own very interesting ‘interactions’ with each other and that’s all very well. But, I personally would be very happy if someone could just tell me, has this ever happened to any of you (the Great Maw thingy)? Please? Thanks very much for a straight answer to anyone who might be so inclined. I do appreciate the help.

The lack of confirmation is damning. If someone else had seen this, they’d probably have chimed in with a “Me too!” by now.

Thanks very much, you’re probably right. I’ll try it again and see if it re-occurs. Appreciate your input.
Thanks again.

Four people already came in to state they havent come across it and that it appears to be a rare incident for yourself. If one of the regulars hasnt come in and bellowed a similar issue by now then it would safe to assume it is not a regular glitch.

You could try record what is happening each time it occurs and people may be able to decipher it further.

A one time glitch, evidently. Hasn’t happened since. Thanks.