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Problem with Manticore being able to stun Stealthy opponents

Playing with this team and my Spirit Fox gets stunned even though she has the Stealthy trait active.

Anyone else having this issue? @Sirrian or @Nimhain have you seen this issue?

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@collectorofgems, I have.

Against the same line-up. I see that both of our Astral Spirits were stunned. This could be the reason for the glitch/bug

@Macawi could be the issue but I would think the spell cast should just go on Astral Spirit again since she is the only one that should be able to be cast on.

It should yes, but that’s the only reason that I can think of as to why it happens.

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Mmmm how odd…

Don’t hold back @Jainus. Tell us how you really feel. Lol. :wink:


We’ll have to do some testing internally and see if we can reproduce this.

Thanks @Nimhain. It doesn’t happen every battle when using this team but it happened 3 times - the third time was when I finally saw it happen and got the screen shots. I specifically use this team against the team shown in the shots above.

Also in the 3rd battle Manticore fired 3 more times after Astral Spirit had been killed and the animation for his spell firing showed in the empty first slot.

@Nimhain, I thought that the bug might be due to Astral Spirit being stunned prior, but a few times it’s happened to me without that being the case.

If it helps any…each time this has happened only the top fox has been stunned, never the bottom two.