New Class 3rd Trait

The 3rd Trait can not stun the Enemie.
Only the other 3 of the effects.

It’s OP very much. Half of other classes look pretty useless compared to this.


Visual proof in the studio, please!
Looks pretty stunned to me.


I hate to ask the obvious question but is the enemy immune to stun?


Stun is working for me.

The bug report should be about how OP this trait is.


My Enemie was Krystenax. He was not immun to stun but he was no stunned.

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This is not a bug.

That’s odd. I just fought one in a delve and the stun applied with everything else.

Krystenax is immune to entangle. So if it was entangled then it had to be stunned. 🤷

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Without screenshots or video of the original complaint, we can only speculate about where the “bug” might have been.

Is it possible that the Krystenax in question from the OP was Blessed, and therefore immune to status effects?

Krystenax was not blessed.
That was just 3 fights where that was and then I had a game crash.
And after this crash it went. :thinking: