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Please nerf Spirit fox - Only troop in the game that cannot be countered on 1st turn!

The stealth trait needs to be removed! Or not full mana to begin fight. To have at least a way to counter this troop when the battle begin. Why this Fox was never nerfed all these months is hard to understand for me. Maybe his Stealth trait also protect him against nerf?


why not take it up a notch. replace cursed with thick head :stuck_out_tongue:

3 sp fox + meat shield is definitely the poor man famine team. pissed me off so much when facing them. they are not designed to win, but to make your life miserable.

in all seriousness, stealth does leaving you helpless against it. although you can stun to expose, only very few can stun without targeting. you still win, but the whole experience really makes you question your free time choices.

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I’ve never found him to be too painful. The irony of this request is that Spirit Fox was introduced as a hard counter to Mercy, back when everyone was hatin’ on my bae for enabling the Maw meta.


Spirit fox is rife on console particularly, and is up with psion and famine as the one that consistently has me screaming FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE ARSE WIPE at the TV several times a day.


Full mana, Stealth, true damage, removal of all yellow from board, impossible to counter on start of battle.
All that is too much for an ultra rare troop.

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It’s definitely on the high end of the power curve given its spell cost, but it’s not unmanageable. (As usual, I feel like troop rarity has no basis in balance, so it could be Common, Ultra-Rare, or Legendary and it wouldn’t change anything.)

Its obviously impossible to always respect the power of a troop based on its rarity. But still if Spirit fox was a legendary, I would understand better his full power package.
Isnt Fox the only troop in the game that you cant neutralize on 1st turn? Not sure but I think yes.

Well you can stop him first turn, but it requires you to get lucky. I’m unaware of a hard counter. You’d need a combination of an Empowered mana generator (dumb luck with 4-matches notwithstanding):

  • Mercy
  • Siren
  • Princess Elspeth

And a non-targeting spell counter:

  • The Silent One
  • Famine
  • Emperor Khorvash
  • Psion

I don’t think there’s a hard counter if the gems don’t fall in your favor.

Generally I just plan to let the Fox cast. Since his spell has a known effect on the board, you can try to clear out a match that would cascade after he casts. Doesn’t always work, of course.

Spirit Fox is weak to summoning teams. Like Astral Spirit, he can only ever damage the top troop, which can be a disposable unit if you employ summoners.
EDIT: My stupid is showing, sorry.

Yes, I know its possible to counter it on 1st turn with luck. But only with luck. The simple fact that it is the only troop in the game that cant be countered on 1st turn with a method other than luck is enough for me to say there is a prob here.
Well, despite the fact I created this thread, I manage Fox without too much problem in GW, almost never lost against one. On normal PvP, my playing style makes it that I lose relatively often whatever the opponent team is. :laughing:
But to nerf overpowered troops is also a good way to add diversity in defense team that we encounter. (Yes, I also have Fox in one of my usual defense team! :innocent:)

What do you mean, “the only troop that is impossible to counter?” He doesn’t kill anything, he just does damage. There are other troops that are also Empowered damage dealers. Are they not also “impossible to counter?”

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Fox can damage other than the top troop. But I agree summoners are good against fox…behemoth 3rd trait too.

You’re right, I derped. He can. I stand corrected.

These other troops you refer can be targeted by…a fox to empty their mana. So they can be countered.

Sure. What about two of them?

two obviously not. But fox is in a more powerful category as even one single fox cant be countered.
edit: with a little luck on 1st turn with fox, you might have a free turn and counter the 2nd troop. :wink:

Yeah, I get your reasoning. I don’t see why he couldn’t stand to lose Stealthy, if only to expand the counterplay options. Personally I think there are bigger fish to fry, but I agree he’s on the high end of the curve.

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I would love to see buffed many common , rare and ultra rare troops. Just to offer players new options with many old troops that are under 1 meter of dust. :laughing:

The only problem i got with the fox, he is extremely lucky with the cascade, combined with korvash he can stun 1-2 troop with the cascade and sometime he also refill himself so it’s not only 21 true damages but 2x21 true damage + the stun

He only cost 9 mana and i think it should be raised a little bit since he start full mana and i think everything else is ok


On purple day you are welcome to use him as well as on green day! I use one on purple day against justice mercy if I cant prevent mercy from ending game on turn 1! If you face three of them you just have to be careful! I faced 3 this morning and they started to kick me around but as soon as I got my team going it was a easy fight! Just make sure to have a summoner or 2 on your team!

I haven’t read anything in this thread other than the title.

Yes. Yes a thousand times.

I’m not a Tory but fuck that fox.