Problem/bug with +10 Essence of Evil

Not sure why it doesn’t get mentioned more, but the +10 “Hexed” upgrade to EoE needs to be fixed. It says it has a chance to change the first enemy into a giant toad, but what it does that it doesn’t say is also cleanse them. I get the benefits of transforming troops but its WAY more important to keep the debuffs on them. It also counters the entire purpose of the weapon to inflict the debuffs, and directly removes the benefit of the +9 upgrade “Damned”. The +9 curses the first enemy, but as the curse is applied before the transformation so the cleanse cancels it out.

I cannot count how many times I’ve gotten my hero killed in fights where the first enemy transforms, removing its debuffs and kills me with skulls matched after the explosion.

Devs please either rework this “upgrade” or change it to retain the debuffs after the transformation.


The problem is the order – it does the ability first, then it does the order of upgrades on the weapon, which means it curses the first enemy, then it transforms them if it triggers.

Exactly. I hope they fix or change it.

Agree with the OP. Hexed could be replaced with “Bring debuffed troop to the front”. That’d be fun. :wink:

I’d avoid holding my breath, they claimed they would be looking into all those bad weapon upgrades almost two years ago.