Essence of Evil toad

Is there a way to undo the final option of toad? That thing messes me up too many times (when i use the weapon). I’d pay the entire cost all over again i don’t care i just hate the stupid toad.


Not possible unfortunately. Once upgraded it can’t be reverted.

Yes would be nice even if we can just destroy the stuff we upgraded and then proven to be worser than before, will gladly destroy both blue and brown dooms (not that i use those much anymore anyway).

Other than the 2 dooms i would like untrait The wild queen too, love her but her doomstorm when ally die is one of the most stupid traits ever (bloodhammer one help you but TWQ help the enemy more than you).

EoE is a case by itself, seen when it came out was bugged and toad was 100% it was actually useful (you was casting it on another troop and first was always a toad) so everyone upped it right away, after the fix indeed became a cons more than anything else, if at least transform would happen before all the debuffs wont be that bad.


I hope the very fact this is being asked, and has been asked before, is motivation enough for the devs to reconsider:

  • This particular upgrade

  • Any future weapon upgrades that could backfire

  • The irreversible nature of upgrading weapons


They’ve gotten truckloads of unfavorable feedback regarding the whole weapon upgrade mechanism. They’ve repeatedly claimed they would be looking into improving it, they just wanted a bit of time to get it done right. After more than a year of nothing it’s pretty safe to assume that fixing broken designs is way out of their league. A shame, really, they would just have to allow players to selectively toggle purchased upgrades on/off. So easy to implement, so impossible to even get that done.

As much as I remember the weapon upgrade question is banned from Dev Q&A, so I doubt there’s anything at all that could motivate them to reconsider. Or even deliver.