Essence of evil hexed upgrade

I have delayed performing the “hexed” upgrade to Essence of Evil (the upgrade that turns the first enemy into a Giant Toad). I have this feeling that there could be times I really want that first enemy to be disabled, and not a fully abled giant toad. I’m curious about peoples’ experience with this- overall is it a good idea or not to do the hexed upgrade?

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Really tough to pick a scenario where you wouldn’t want the Toad, to be honest. I had to think pretty hard.

Basically the only hypothetical scenario I could come up with is if you have the first enemy as a priority target (i.e. fully charged with something fairly dangerous) and one of the other enemies is fully charged with a skull generator - but you have to hit the first one. In that case you would prefer the first troop to be entangled when the skulls go off, instead of being a Toad that isn’t entangled. However, you do explode the board with EOE, so whatever problematic skull line-up you’re looking at becomes a crapshoot (and you might even get an extra turn). Failing that, hit the skull generator with EOE instead.

Otherwise? I really can’t think of anything else. And it’s pretty low odds on the first one already.

I mean, yes, I’ve had my share of “oops” moments with that, but nothing critical and definitely not outweighing the general usefulness of transforming them into Toads.


I hate the Toad upgrade. EoE is a control weapon and the Toad upgrade undoes it. Now if it transformed any other troop but the first one, I’d be more on board.


Opens up a troop that can start moving your team around.
Prevents entangle protection on first slot

Basically its very bad for Delves, the one mode I’d actually want to use EoE on.

Do I even need EoE’s toad on other game modes? No, the status effects are good enough for that.


Thanks for weighing in. I don’t quite know what to think after reading these. But it is working well for me without the upgrade, so maybe I’ll keep it without for now. Kind of a bummer because I like the idea of it. It would be nice to be able to disable an upgrade (for many reasons).

I… would never use EOE in delves. I may just have access to better firepower but the point stands.

EOE will only rarely actually kill troops, and the weapon’s explosions risk skull trades - which are quite detrimental in delves unless you hit the first troop specifically… which I guess you can do but then the back troops get mana access since quite often a weakness in delve rooms is that they’re being mana blocked by something.

Given I actually have the upgrade, the Toad swapping things is (potentially) a problem as well of course. But I’d just use Mang, Earth’s Fury, Yasmine’s Pride, Trickster’s Shot, etc.

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Its not that hard to start from the top and EoE an entire team one at a time as a player (with the proper support troops). If players can run Mountain Crusher with all that risk of skull trades, then EoE is essentially better in the safety department… (minus the annoying toad).

EoE is never used for Deathmark; it has plenty of other status effects its used for, like Curse.

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