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EoE now curses first

Thanks very much for removing Lycanthropy from EoE! But that seems to have created a new bug.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, iOS

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Use EoE on an impervious troop. It used to apply status effects then curse, so you would have to hit the troop twice to disable it. Now curse goes first, so troop is immediately disabled, which is a pretty significant buff.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started after EoE fix. Happens for me every time.

Steps to make it happen again
Use EoE on any Impervious troop, eg Zuul


I did just wake up so my brain isn’t really functioning, but isnt this a good thing? Don’t we want curse to be first?


It makes EoE more powerful. Whether that is a good thing or not is a matter of personal opinion. My view is that it was already one if the most powerful weapons in the game and does not need a buff. Going up against it one of your few defences was to stack up with stealthy and impervious troops. Others may feel it is an improvement.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say this will be labelled not technically a bug (devs seem to have a very narrow view of what a bug is). If it was a conscious choice to buff, well, fair enough. But I doubt it as it wasn’t mentioned.


This is GREAT!!

I always found stupid that EoE do not apply status effects to troops which has some kind of immunity yet it curses them, and curse disables immunities.
I say this is a good change and something finally got fixed!

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I will just add this post is a good example of needing patch notes. Whether changes like this are intended or not will be clear then.


Guess now I’ll have to put EoE on a Defense team, since it won’t crash others’ games for cheap wins AND can now stop the likes of Zuul’Goth cold…

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Just wondering, Reflection of Good is the counterpart of Essence of Evil, does it Bless first?




Thieves cough Thieves. All of a sudden 80% of their books were Frostmage yesterday instead of Thief. We still took care of them for the day though. Only had 1 crash.

Because it now curses first, it means anything that was immune to specific negative effects because of traits (think impervious or undying or fortitude) no longer matters, because they get cursed immediately. Things that had immunities from traits used to need to have EoE cast twice on them – first to apply the curse, THEN to apply the rest of the negative effects (because the negative effects would be resisted until curse was applied).


If this is on purpose, I’ll be fair and say thank you.

I’d say, that Cruse and Stun should be the hardcoded as last 2 negative statuses applied by EoE.
Why? Because EoE is strong enough even if you need two casts for impervious/fortitude troops to make them properly disabled.
Its a matter of game balance: when a troop has Fortitude/Impervious it takes it’s trait slot to provide that troop some kind of protection against negative effects. It would be a poor design, if EoE ignored all that by applying Curse as 1st debuff…
Same goes for any troop that has protection against any other effects. Without EoE, you at least need to apply stun to be able to apply other effects and if troop has Fortitude/Impervious they were basicaly immune to “disable their traits”.
Now i can imagine 5 scenarios, that are possible:

  • curse is last, stun is 2nd to last cast → whatever immunities troop has, they will protect troop on 1st cast. Troops immune to stun, won’t be stunned after 1st cast.
  • stun is last, curse is 2nd to last cast → All troops end up being cursed+stunned. Their traits are switched off. Whatever immunities troop has, they will protect troop on 1st cast (except for stun resistance).
  • curse and stun are somewhere in other place than last 2 and stun is before curse → Troops with stun immunity wont be stunned=they will keep their traits active. Troops without stun immunity will get all debuffs applied after stun. Any debuff applied after Curse will take effect on any troop.
  • curse and stun are somewhere in other place than last 2 and stun is after curse → Any debuff applied after Curse will take effect. All troops end up stunned.
  • debuffs don’t have fixed order in which they are applied → depending on rolled order, effect might be different, especialy on Impervious and Fortitude troops… (this would make this weapon more affected by RNG, but generaly it wouldn’t be stronger than option 4)

So, I ordered these scenarios from “weakest debuff order”, to “strongest debuff order”. And my whole point of view is that only 1st and 2nd option, would be somewhat fair…
ofc, these scenarios matter only for troops that have any immunity and will affect only their immunities. troops that aren’t immune to anything will take all debuffs on 1st cast.

There are only 7 troops player can use, to be somewhat safe from EoE → 6x dooms + enraged Kurandara… And if we go with 1st/3rd scenario (stun before curse), than Monk is only class that can somewhat manage to withstand EoE cast on it… If we go with scenario 2/4, there’s no hero able to counter EoE on his own, as all troops will end up at least stunned after 1st casts (not mentioning other debuffs).

Unless ofc, if we want to make it “random order of debuffs”, which might make this weapon a bit unpredictible vs impervious troops (depending on curse and stun position, effect will differ a lot) and might generate a lot of uneeded bug reports. But there’s that.

I eliminated all scenarios, where curse or stun would be removed from EoE, as I see them as "weapon is not working as descripted’


Looks like it’s here to stay.

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Good to have an answer. Given how many useless weapons there are in the game, it still baffles me why you would buff one of strongest shortly after nerfing Skeleton Key and Jar of Eye.


Damn I actually liked having EoE cursing last, allowed HKI to Devour and still get the attack bonus and IMO the weapon was already good enough it didn’t need a buff :confused:


Forum regulars even ask me if I’m paid by the devs or a straight up dev.
But I have to agree, very politely, that… to use a “professional” phrase, this change sux.
Reasons already given above, one of the strongest weapons made stronger that nobody asked for.
Completely ignores Fortitude, Invulnerable.


Not all questions are asked seriously…

We still don’t know who let the dogs out.

My personal opinion is, the buff does not matter. The order of inflicted effects does not matter. When Lycanthropy is put back as a negative trait, the weapon will become useless again.

(Might still be an interesting defense weapon, though.)

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