Essence of evil

I’m really disappointed with the upgrade who turn first ennemy in giant frog. I hate this upgrade, she’s not in the spirit of weapon. I explain, i send EoE to control the first ennemy, all malus effects applied, and sometime, do not say everytime, this fucking frog pop without any malus and she can kill me or disturb my team like 90% of time. It’s look like i have spend lingots to add myself an handicap on my weapon! WTF !!!

i’m not the first topic about this. Why don’t you change this trait. Or give us possibility to downgrade weapon or destroy her and can farm another essence of evil we upgrade to level 9 only.

Please do something with that. Thanks.

I like the upgrade: many times it has helped me take control of first enemy that was Stealthy before it became a frog :relaxed::vulcan_salute:

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Please don’t do anything to this awesome weapon. Frog turning feature is cool.