Princess Fizzbang skill

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Windows 8, PC
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Expecting skill to work as printed, yet it added 20 to the same character and same skill 5 times in a row. No where close to the random that is described.
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This game continues to display many problems with what should be random occurances. Gem masteries don’t work at proper percentage, agile works on the first instance way above the 20% of the listed trait. There are many other instance, but since nothing is ever done except a post talking about the player having “bad luck”, I can’t expect anything to actually be done.

Her skill is purely rng based.
So you could get same effect 10x in a row. Or 10 different effects in a row.
The buffing is rng as well, could buff same char 10x, or coild buff 10 different chars 1x.

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Hey Aartemis,

You are right in that this is chance based, so unfortunately bad circumstances like this - where it happens 5 times in a row - can occur. If you notice or anyone else notices this consistently (i.e. each match at least 3 times) then we can look into it but it does seem like the spell doesn’t have a bug.

Can you let me know what Troops were on your team, their Traits/Affixes and the same for the enemy team when this happened? What gamemode?

Shall we do a quick calculation on the odds of the same character and skill being targeted 5 times in a row. I’m tired of the “bad luck” answer. It doesn’t hold water. Do you continue to use it because the developers are lazy? Or is it just a quick way to try to more past the glaring errors in this game?

Just look at gnome distribution to see how bad the rng is. Dozens of games no gnomes, then three in under 10 games. Almost every time.

If you assume 50/50 split of the possible effects and assuming you had all troops still alive and that each of the 4 stats has equal weight…

Spell Effect * Troop Selected * Stat Affected :

(.5 * .25 * .25)^5 = .000000029802322

So, about .000003%

Not impossible.

Very improbable.

But the odds increase dramatically if any of the assumptions that went into the equation change, such as the assumption that the spell is choosing between 4 different potential targets.

Let me know if you have anymore information on the issue so I can help address your problem.