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Predictions for GoW version 4.0

Gems of War 4.0 will have the following features:
3 new maps for a total of 4 continents.
Each continent will have enough room for 50 kingdoms.
Each Kingdom will have a new troop type: The General.
New Troop type: Demigod
10 different mana colors.
New Gold mines to harvest.
New Soul mines to harvest.
New Traitstone mines to harvest.

All armies will now be led by a general.
All battles will now be 5 x 5.
New Events: Gold Mine, Soul Mine, Traitstone Mine, General Event, Holiday themed event, New Troop Events, Class Events, Metal Events, and an Endless event.
New Guild Events: Guild v Guild for a week, Guild v a Kingdom, Guild Holiday Themed Events.

Anything else you feel will be in GoW v 4.0?

that body hair update Sirrian mentioned in v 3.9!

You can build your own house! Every room comes with its own gemsink! (Stoppers not included)


Watch Gems of War meet Jurassic Park as Dinosaur Kingdoms start to pop up.
Watch as the players start to battle T Rexes, Raptors, Triceratops, etc.

What do the developers think of adding Dinosaurs to this game?

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We need some kind of tycoon system in Gems of War to manage, decorate, and moderate our kingdoms.


Watch new dragons enter the realms.
The Chromatic Dragons: The Black Dragon, The Green Dragon, The Purple Dragon, The Red Dragon, The Brown Dragon, The Blue Dragon, The Yellow Dragon, The White Dragon, The Pink Dragon, and The Orange Dragon.

The Elemental Dragons: The Fire Dragon, The Water Dragon, The Rock Dragon, The Grass Dragon, The Cloud Dragon, The Copper Dragon, The Iron Dragon, The Bronze Dragon, The Silver Dragon, The Mist Dragon, etc.

The hidden ability of the royal vizier perhaps?

New Hidden and Secret Kingdoms on the maps for the player to find and unlock.
Find the Lost City of Atlantis
The Lost City of Gemstone
The Lost City of Goldstone
The Lost City of Flintstone
The Lost City of Bedrock
The Lost City of Warlords
New PvP Event: The Gauntlet where you fight 10 players of your lvl plus or minus 100 lvls.
Learn to do a Warlords Battlecry.

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Watch as the Sirians and Lord Bane invade Gems.
Watch as Etheria, Theira, and Elvallie appear.

Watch the Gemstone Dragons appear: The Ruby Dragon, The Emerald Dragon, The Sapphire Dragon, The Diamond Dragon, The Gem Dragon, etc.

Watch the Elementals appear: The Fire Elemental, The Ice Elemental, The Smog Elemental, The Water Elemental, etc.
Watch as weather develops and affect the battles.

Every click costs 10 gems.
Every loading screen awards 1 gold.
Every mana point into any troop costs 20 gem.
Casting one spell costs 50 gems, unless the troop is a Mythic, then it costs 100 gems.
Gems price is reduced from 100 dollars for 100 gems to 500 dollars for 20 gems.
Opening the game costs 45 cents.


We’ll get the next hero class, with everybody going “Yay, now I can upgrade another kingdom from 8 stars straight to 15 stars!”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sigils for pvp… more garbage modes with stupid gem shops… gem nerfs… pretty safe predictions

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Playing board gets removed completely and is replaced by a button: “start the lottery”.

Starting the game will cost 50 gems.

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If they do add all of those new colors, there should definitely be a color-blind assist option!

When will the update come?

I heard somewhere the date Will be 30.2.2019

Arena will be on a sigil system, complete with a Gem shop.
Explore mode will require Gems (or some other currency) to unlock in addition to completing the Kingdom’s questline, and will possibly be on a sigil system or require a specific Kingdom level to access.
PVP reshuffle cost will increase from 1 Gem to 10 Gems.
Instead of awarding Gems, the blue guild guardian statue will award minor traitstones.
Instead of awarding Gems, Guild Wars will award Glory.
Instead of awarding Gems, Tribute will just have them removed with no replacement because adding more Glory, Gold, or Souls would unbalance the economy.

And we’ll still be buying Glory packs one at a time.


Since this is all snide, snarky jokes, I’m going to post the more likely snide, snarky features that will still be around:

  • Wins count as losses will be fixed in 4.1.
  • The issues with global chat require extensive fixes and will be present in 4.1.
  • We’ve rebalanced Divines, now you only get %3 bonus Major Orbs of Power instead of %1 every time you match a gem.
  • Fixed a bug where completing legendary tasks removed all troops from your collection.
  • It is a known issue that completing legendary tasks gives you more than 2 billion of each troop, we’re looking into it.
  • Now you’re pet’s pet’s pet can wield a weapon, using the same rules as pet pet weapons.
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They said predictions for 4.0, not 3.6 lmao