Predators (Top 20) is looking for active players

Guild: Predators
Place: 19
Level: 100+
Requirements: 100 trophies/100k
Guild level: 492 (88+ masteries)

Hello fellow adventurers! Are you an active person who’s able to pull off at least 100 trophies per week? Are you a person who’s looking for a high ranked guild to settle at? If you are, we would be delighted to welcome you as our new member! We guarantee nice atmosphere and friendly people always willing to talk! I am sure that with your help we will be able to greatly increase our number of trophies.

If you are interested, just reply with your invite name and level. Be sure to check for possible messeges when we will have a free place for you.

Hope to see you soon!


Lvl 482. Invite code is CR4ZY E (might be CR4ZY_E)

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Hello im lvl 91 rite now but very activ :). Im actually at 250k donation per week and min 150 trophy ( this week 250). I m caped at 1500 seal this week and last one too.

I got dragon armor and i have line for guild chat.


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Currently we have no free places, but you might expect a messege sunday morning :slight_smile:

Ok guy no prob

Are you still looking for members? I’m currently at level 121. All of my kingdoms are 5+, with a couple at 10. I’m easily earning 1500 seals, donating 175,000 this week, and pulling in 250+ trophies. I’d have donated more but I’m tired of giving my money to a dead guild.

Invite code - CAJUNHOOSIER

Creb - whats your invite code - we have a solid guild and are looking to expand. You’re ideal

We have 4 free places for new members, come get them when they’re still hot :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a more active guild. Level 229 right now, and this week I did 400k gold, 1500 seals, 252 trophies.

Invite code is AKHU

Hello. :wink:

I’m level 204, my invite code is SAURFANG. I never spent a dime on the game, so my VIP level is… low. :stuck_out_tongue: I have roughly 50% of kingdoms rised to 10th level, I consider myself a casual (who nevertheless reaches Tier 1 every week), and I donate modestly more than 100k gold each week. It depends on how much I play.

So, would you find place for little old me? :wink:

Best regards.

Level 423, can do all minimums easily. Let me know if you still have a spot.

Invite code: PANDAROO.X.J 2
level: 522
level 10 kingdom: all
can do the golds and trophies easily. I am currently with a guild, and please let me know if you have opening

Level 300
All kingdom level 10
I do over 100 tropies and over 200k gold for guild + about 1k seals
Im in a huild currently but if u have a spot for me let me know

Wanna join your guild.
Invite code: Curry 3 (or Curry_3)
level: 414
level 10 kingdom: all
can contribute golds and trophies easily

Sorry guys, we’re full for now. I’ll messege you when we’ll have spot for you. :slight_smile:

We currently have 3 free places for you guys! Who’s interested? :slight_smile:

hi i am lvl 700 all kingdom lvl 10 and minimum 5 stars
my invite code is Lapin_1

whats contribute in gold and trophee per week ?

I’m level 221, my invite code is SAURFANG.

I was still in the guild around 45 minutes ago, and I found myself kicked just a while ago. I was donating in 100k-200k range every week, and making around 150 trophies every week. I was very bussy this week (which I said on the guild chat), with little time to play, so I didn’t earn 100 trophies this week… YET. I was around 70 before I found myself kicked out, with intention of earning that 30-40 trophies today.

So, I kindly ask for another chance, so I could still be contributing to the team. :wink:

Best regards, Saurfang