Active and Rewards Focused Guild - Predators are Recruiting [FULL]

Predators is looking for players that want to become part of an active, rewards focused guild.

What our guild accomplishes with the help of all members:

  • Complete all regular guild tasks
  • Collect 40k seals
  • Collect all Guild event reward tiers
  • We play guild wars, but we don’t stress about them. No Sentinel or total points minimums.

Minimum Requirements

  • Hero Level 400+ [negotiable]
  • 250k gold
  • 1,000 seals
  • 100 trophies
  • Event participation (use free sigils / 30 guild wars battles)
  • Communication (guild chat with optional Discord available)

If you appreciate teamwork, helping your guild-mates and would like to join us, reply here or send a DM to @RottenSis for an invite.

We have room for small groups of active family and/or friends that might be looking for a new guild home. 14 spots currently available. :paw_prints:

I have a small group of friends (5 or so) looking for a new guild that is active and capable of hitting 20k-40k seals and max weekly events. We are most over 1k level and generally hit 2k seals and 200k-800k each in activity, DM me if interested and we can chat. :slight_smile:

We have some room for a small group or two of active family or friends to join us.
:gem_blue: :gem_brown: :gem_green: 7 spots open :gem_purple: :gem_red: :gem_yellow:

Hi do you still have any available spaces?

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Yes, we do @Jamstermogwai! Sent you a message.

For the past two weeks, we’ve hit 2 of our 3 rebuilding goals. We’ve collected 40k seals and completed all regular guild tasks. We are still rebuilding on the Events, but have consistently collected reward stage 9.

If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, msg @RottenSis for an invite. We are looking for active players and we’re almost full!

:gem_blue: :gem_green: :gem_brown: 5 spots available :gem_purple: :gem_red: :gem_yellow:

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Recruiting is closed, we are now full. :trophy:

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We are looking for active mid-game players that enjoy exceeding minimum requirements and helping the guild finish all guild event reward stages.

:gem_blue: :gem_green: :gem_brown: 0 spots open :gem_purple: :gem_red: :gem_green:

Hello, do you still have room?

Update: We are currently full

We currently have an opening for a player that wants to become part of an active, rewards focused guild.

There are :gem_blue: :gem_green: :gem_brown: 0 spots available :gem_purple: :gem_red: :gem_green:

If you’d like to join us, send a DM to @RottenSis