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Looking for a new guild master (guild league 185)

I am currently the guild master of a place called Predators (league 185). For the last year I haven’t been able to properly maintain it but we still manage to rank fairly high on the ranking and it would be a shame to disband it.

I’m looking for someone experienced who I can trust not to leave the game after a week so I expect lvls around 1000. If you want to take over, I’m hoping you will use the headstart and recruit active members who can get the guild back on track.

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Please don’t disband it, a lot of hard work went into building it to its current level. Sent you a PM.


Just for you information Kimari, I will be giving RottenSis a hand in rebuilding the guild. :wink:
After all she’s one of my former guildies
Ah yes should you wonder who I am, I’m the Gm of The scubadivers :slightly_smiling_face: