Pre-Battle Feature: Subterfuge

You forgot a “don’t” in your sentence (I’m pretty sure lol).

Yes, as a soul dump that would be something I could get behind though that could be detrimental to new players who don’t understand the importance of souls in the early/mid game. Personally, I’d rather a treasure map dump (I’m only sort of kidding lol) :wink:


I’m wholeheartedly against this.

a) I cant imagine ever using this feature - the battles arent that hard really.
b) That would just add an excuse for the devs for never fixing effing broken troops… although they dont seem to need an excuse for it, they simply never(ish) fix 'em and rather just add more broken fork.

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now that i think about it - the only reason i can see to ever use it is to save the win streak… but i dont see a point in doing so? i mean fighing to save the win streak naturally without a cheats like that is better? also it cant help new players in any way since they could spend their resources in something that would help them definatelly much more
so then what is this? helping the ppl who are really very bad in playing gems of war but have a lot of money? XD

overall i think it would harm the game much more then it would benefit it
(differentiate the old players who have tone of resources and the rich players - who both can afford the feature and get a perfect going on win streak - against the rest of game community)

and the win streak would become the matter of wallet not a skill