Possible Queen Mab Nerf

My old school team way back when went

Knight coronet

And then came the justice league. Thanks to guild wars, I use way more teams, this team is just very effective for my play style.

No im not a bot.

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Only one bot allowed and it’s me

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Well all know there’s only 1 true bot here.

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But you confirmed yourself that Sirrian’s explanation of the spawner combo breaker was how it works was accurate and that it is currently working as intended, and that explanation clearly states only even takes effect after five casts of spawners within the same turn.



A comparable leveled justice team that lands five extra turns with spawners has probably already team wiped you, and if not, has over 150 life and attack on 3 of the troops with everyone on your team frozen. Even in the video posted by @strat featuring a lower level defense using this team, four justice casts and one kraken completely tore the player team apart to a degree that the match probably would have not been winnable, even if the sixth cast spawner cast did happen to miss. With two troops being completely immune to Queen Mab’s damage, and one being immune to freeze. And there were only five spawner casts shown in the clip above. By everything we have been told so far, the spawner “combo breaker” code wouldn’t have affected what was shown in this video in any way. I’m not quite sure how this will dislodge the console meta, as metas, especially defense metas, tend to stick around until it is been proven that they don’t really win anymore, or something better comes along, and the team is very capable of winning even on PC/Mobile.

The real issue is that guardians are not overwriting either color that they are spawning on Console, making them much more reliable than they are on PC/Mobile regardless of the starting board. I’d surmise another big reason we haven’t seen it as much on PC/Mobile is we were already stuck on a couple teams capable of ruining your day with one cascade. Also, the team is deadlier on console not only because of the number of board mod it does overall because it won’t overwrite, but the fact that it will not be distracted by single skulls if you dial it down on the AI sliders, allowing it to get started easier and reducing the likelihood that it will stop looping once started. Big emphasis on the number of gems Justice is spawning to the board without overwriting, since when it does overwrrite like on PC/Mobile, it will often self combo break long before the five spawner cast mark most of the time. Its this change that needs to happen to break up the effectiveness of this particular combination. Another emphasis on most of the time, because things like what are pictured in the video still can happen on PC with the Unity port, I’ve done them versus the AI, and I’ve had the AI do them versus me.


I can’t like this @Mithran post enough. :clap: You have nailed it 100% perfectly. This is something that frustrates so many players (I’d say all at the end game even if you have a counter team who wants to fight the same meta team day in and day out forever - no one I know).

The “patch / fix” can’t get here fast enough


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I will only say this to the original poster.
If you have trouble with Mab, the solution is actually in your nerf proposal.
There are currently at least 2 troops that start empowered and can remove all blue on the first turn.
There are also many troops that convert blue to something else.
So yes, the justice league is beatable by just plain out removing a color, and it’s not that hard.

I have no real problem beating the team (I typically use Amira on Justice, then Mab) And I actually like the team as an attack team, though I rarely use Mab’s spell and just rely on her 4+ match trait. My suggestion was mostly a way to remove it from Everyones defense team while retaining its usefulness in attacking.

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Fair enough.

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