Broken a.i. queen mab

Is there a fix coming to consoles?

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I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re playing on console, and move this over to the appropriate category…

Also, the devs have said they are looking at it. The first thing that is likely to happen is that Justice and the other guardians will be adjusted so that the gems that they spawn have a chance of overwriting existing gems, rather than creating new ones of those colors. That should slightly reduce its effectiveness in self-looping, but I’m not sure how big a difference that will make. They haven’t given us any specifics on what else might be coming.

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Mab isn’t the problem at all, it’s justice.

Freeze Justice, problem solved.

Yelling won’t. :wink:

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Thanks for answering so succinctly Stan.

In the next update there will be a change going out for gem spawners which will likely see a decrease in these Justice team seen in the meta. We are also planning to re-examine Guardians in this time.


@HOMESMACKJACKSN one would hope that we could keep the language clean

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This next update for console do you anticipate it be a 3.1 or 3.05.1?

Alpheon told me next update is 3.1 so 3 months in the worst case

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That would be a very long time to have things broken with the justice mab teams. If it actually is that long before it is patched that will not be healthy for the console version of the game and will incur more upset players.

Let’s hope it is much quicker than that.


Well he told me this 10 days ago so let’s say 10 more weeks to wait :slight_smile:

So 10 more guild wars and 3 mythic release before it will be fix. Lot of pleasure

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Are you guys going to finetune the current pc spawners first?
Because if you roll it out to console as it is now, they will be useless there as well.

It remains awfully quiet in the thread where people reported that the current version went to far…


Of course we will fine tune it first. :slight_smile:

If Justice is the problem, why don’t we see much of the other guardians? You’d think the green one could be deadly with Ketras. As in: how about I loop myself 3 times and 1 shot 3 of your troop!


This is likely due to the fact that only two of the guardians increase allies attacks (Justice and Courage), the rest only increase life, armour, random skill, or magic (though needing a sacrifice). Justice is more seen because her spell is boosted by Frozen enemies, and with Mab’s third trait it’s VERY easy to get all 4 enemies frozen. Courage is boosted by Burning enemies, but Mab’s counter part in burning is Jarl who’s not seen in as favourable light as Mab, since Mab is a pure damage caster, while Jarl acts more as a tank, and gem spawner, with some single target damage. If Console has Sheggra’s change, then she could be paired with Courage too, but Sheggra only burns on Red gems, which might not work quite as well.

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Don’t forget that justice is the only guardian to boost 2 stats, where the rest stick with 1.


Well, the issue is that it’s not only Justice that’s the problem. As Ozball Justice/Mab interaction makes it so that even if Justice misses her gemspawn once you get your turn there is little you can do because most of your team is frozen.

I am just going to give some anecdotal evidence how balanced and healthy for the meta this team is. In yesterdays GW I have faced:

1st battle: Mab team without Justice
2nd Battle: Justice team without Mab
3rd-5th battle: Valk/Justice/Mab teams with khorvash and kraken filling for each other.

So in 5 battles I have faced Justice 4 times, Mab 4 times, Valk 4 times, Kraken 3 times and Khorvash 2.

I think this problem is only exacerbated by the fact this team is very easy to build (you only need Mab traited and she is the only legendary that you need) so most people use it on defense as it has more than a good chance of getting a win.

I am also disappointed with the fact that the answer to the state of things is to tell us to wait 2-3 months for a fix


One battle with No Justice, That’s like winning the lottery! Congratulations.

Well I guess I have used my luck on Monday when I have only faced Mab team in the last fight (my only loss that day).

That team would be still annoying without GW but I’d not think about it twice. But because one loss in GW costs a lot of points it can be annoying, especially since sometimes you just get unlucky and one cascaded x4 or x5 can end your game. But since other have to struggle same as me then it’s ok :smiley:

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I believe @Tacet showed that off


Once you got the loop going it was a very quick game over.

I normally use fully traited Mercy now due to the rework to gem spawning when using that team.

Loyalty gives a quicker stat rush, whereas Mercy gives a quicker mana rush. Really just depends on which you want or need in a particular situation.