Possible Queen Mab Nerf

I Constantly hear people complaining about Valkyrie/Justice/Queen Mab teams and then someone else inevitable pipes up telling us not to worry, that they are going to be nerfed soon.

I’m not generally a fan of nerfing a troop (I prefer the creation of new troops to combat the problem) but I also get really sick of seeing this defense so I thought of a possible Solution.

Have Queen Mab remove all blue stones when she casts her spell. If she removes more than 13 she still get’s her free turn, but with all the blue’s removed from the board she wont be able to recharge her spell during that extra turn as easily.


Though I like the idea queen mab has already been nerfed. Just that word makes some players cringe because the justice league is their only way to win against other teams. Famine is the other endgamer troop of choice though effective neither of these troops make invading any fun if they are on defense teams and since everyone (90%) uses them thats the real problem the AI uses them flawlessly unles you are good with the counter Amira team which is only 50% effective.

Sorry to tell you this. But Queen Mab has been nerfed, and will never ever be nerfed again.


A new day and a new nerf thread :slight_smile:


sounds like some gow fan should create a flavoured GoW Nerfquest Callendar
a little bit of sense of humor, a lot of complaining
and you can relvieve all your frustration on it before you start the day!


sure. in return, i want her spell not categorized as mana burn :stuck_out_tongue:

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Famine needed sorting out and kerberos too but apart from that vjm looping it’s all good. Oh… Apart from that little bastard that everyone hates. The spirit fox.


I reclassified this to console gameplay chat. It’s not a feature request. I assume you’re on console where VJM is a problem. Even there, it’s Justice and the looping of gem spam that’s the problem, not Mab, really.

No nerf needed to Mab, in my view.


It seem the only 3 trophy defense team I ever face these day is Psion/Famine or Justice team. Really some people need learn to experiment and try new things. When I see Justice league team I just think that person too stupid make their own team. Or too useless in real life and thus need small win for self esteem. I dont know, it pathetic.

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@Spineless You’ve correctly identified a massive issue on console (although you’d have to have you TV off to miss it :wink:). But incorrectly interpreted the cause, its Justice.

Every day that goes by makes me wish the PC/Mobile players could have shared in the console fun too since at least February (or perhaps earlier), But unfortunately they did not get the full AI treatment. So they have nothing to complain about other than points in GW (its a problem, but a VERY minor one).

The OP just wants relief, hence the incorrect nerf request. No need to belittle the request from players that haven’t suffered most of this year.

Here’s a truncated clip of the AI’s move using Justice, 1T battle.


@Saltypatra posted something that may be relevant to the discussion yesterday, but it was buried in another thread so it’s easy to miss it.

Looks like there is relief in sight for Console players, though I don’t know the timeframe of the change.


I believe I correctly Identified the issue and then Suggested a change that would cripple justice/mab in defense, but still allow people to use it in attack :slight_smile: . Unless there is a way to prevent AI from casting Mab.

Sounds like a solution has already come out on PC and will eventually also come out on Console though so I guess the suggestion was given too late.

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PC hasn’t gotten the “full AI”, but console hasn’t yet experienced the gem convert / combo breaker changes. They’re pretty significant, and make VJM far less potent a defense on PC. It will be interesting to see how the combination of both the better AI with the convert changes work together. But my guess is that it will significantly hamper the effectiveness, and on console VJM will only be one of a handful of meta teams (rather than “the” team).

As for the OP, the problem you’re describing is legit, but nerf’ing Mab isn’t the solution. Hopefully the changes coming “soon” will actually fix it (fingers crossed).


Aaaaaah yes! Someone gets it!

Because of the gem convert/combo breakers, “The Justice League” will be a lot less viable as a defense team.


Lol, I won’t be holding my breath.
So to fix the justice-console problem the devs are going to give us screwed up gem spawning like pc and a dumbed down ai. Wow what a backwards step.
How many other troops are getting destroyed in the process??

Yeah you get it alright. :roll_eyes:


Lost a war yesterday to a low vjm where mab wasn’t even traited. Just like pringles.

“Once they pop, the fun never stops!”


but you will be keeping the skydrops ! :laughing:
but at least i think console players will be able to rest from the meta, some change is better then no change in this case?

on a side note… im enjoying loopers on MOBILE where the loop breaker was not implemented… i hope it lasts forever :disappointed_relieved:

I do get the idea of the change, and that it will lessen the impact of teams like VJM. However, while it no longer seems “broken”, PC feels less “fun” now (at least to me).

From what I’ve seen, the console AI is not “dumbed down” but is actually more unpredictable and therefore competitive/challenging. Now whether players actually want the game to be challenging vs. easy/casual is a whole different discussion, since many other threads have shown lots of people on both sides.

Me too, I prefer to play on mobile right now, and mainly use PC for doing 4x explore. With that said, the combo breaker on PC no longer seems to be having a real effect. It is significantly less intrusive, and very close to “true random” (without the game influencing the cascade locations) now. Many requested that compared to the “interference” that was occurring, but in practice it doesn’t really feel as fun. In reality, I’m not sure players actually want the fair playing field like many claim, but we’ll see if people warm up to the PC algorithms.

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Personally I don’t think mab was/is the issue on that team. It’s justice. I don’t want a nerf of the guardians, but a rework would be nice. If you snipe justice then that team breaks down on a fundamental level.

As a younger player I wanted the nerf hammer out too, but as I have become more end game and have everything leveled and mostly traited it becomes easy to build teams to handle justice league and psion/famine. The only time those teams are ever an issue is in GW when you as the attacker are “dumbed down” by limitations while the defense is free to do whatever they like (that fix cannot come soon enough).

My point is this… in the beginning you are going to lose, stick with it, get stuff leveled and traited and I promise it gets better. There are defense teams much more frightening than those two, and luckily I don’t see them much…yet.

The order of importance in my “justice league”.

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