Fix the Console AI new people dropping like flies

Whatever… Keep crying then… Oh poor you! Im out

I’m not crying I’m pissed off with a game I’ve made a lot of purchases to and have supported it for over a year and have told people to help support this game yet when something like this comes around and should have been a quick fix it just drags out for months.


That’s not entirely accurate. At no point has she ever once clearly and explicitly written anything like that. They “hope” the changes “should affect” the “likelihood” of cascades. Big difference.

I disagree… Those are cya terms used by anyone in PR… Its standard practice. Im just saying why not take a wait and see approach?

I believe George Carlin said it the best about political language which for the most part also covers general PR practices.

George Carlin on Political Language

I am well aware of what GC said… Doesnt make him right as much as i love him

‘Unfortunately a simple change could have been implemented for this issue. We don’t want to treat the symptom, we want to treat the cause, which takes longer both to isolate and to solve.’

It never had to be one or the other - normally system procedure emergency fix whilst fixing the underlying problem, in other words both.

It was left until later because it wasn’t considered necessary then, and hey we can just wait on console till you decide its convenient.

I remember a lot of talk about kingdom releases being synced, but even after platform alignment we are still behind again on those - how long is it now a month ? To be credible you need to at least sometimes deliver, sadly that has not happened.

And the fixed cpu exploders now unfixed again for full famine and other troops, its more than dissapointing.

Well I’ve lost 4 PvP matches in a row right before writing this last reply. I’m now fed up too. I’ve had enough. Salty tell your bosses if they want more money from me to get the ball rolling and fix the damn AI otherwise I’ll take my $600 a year investment that I used to give freely and move on to another game developer that will actually listen to their people.

Between this and GW’s tweaks its blatently obvious that you guys had no real intentions to fix anything. 800 comments about GW’s not once did I see anyone suggest the improvements that you guys made. I personally think you guys made that thread as a smoke and mirror appeasement.

I’m not quiting Gems, however I’m going to scale back how much I play this game. I’m the guild master of Fubar Snafu on PS4 so I have prior commitments that I must continue to follow through with in maintaining the guild but other that I think I’m done too.

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The GL position can be passed on to someone else… Jus’ sayin’

Were they playing on “Hard” difficulty?
I mean, this wouldn’t be the first game where setting “Hard” difficulty means cheating AI…
Surprise. Surprise?

Is Mockery negativity - the irony of these posts.

Negativity begets negativity. Surly you know this.

Yes you make very clear that labelling, like justice, gets results.

Is this “incoming fix” just for console, or are there more changes coming for PC (and if so, any details)?

@beanie42 it’s for console. Console will be getting the same RNG as PC/Mobile. We aren’t seeing the issue with the “Justice League” as it’s been dubbed on PC/Mobile.

@CCafe unfortunately, changes take time. We made small client side changes based on the suggestions we received, and we are currently looking into further changes based on the suggestions in the thread. These can’t happen overnight, but the thread wasn’t useless by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, we have found it unbelievably helpful and will be referring to it when we move forward with any major changes. (These changes, if made, will require another major update. This means we won’t be seeing them for a little while.)

To clear things up, it can take several days to get an update approved. Sometimes, it will get rejected and the process has to start anew. This is fairly common when it comes to updates on XBox One and PS4.

I am pretty sure I stated before that we couldn’t release Urskaya without a client update was because of the new status effects. This is the reason Urskaya wasn’t released simultaneously on PC/Mobile and console.


Awesome, that should make a lot of Console players happy! (Though the predictability of the PC/Mobile AI might make them sad too…)

Can I just say that this is the best name for a meta ever?


Just to clarify, console will be getting the same gem spawner combo breaker, which will decrease the likelihood of the “Justice League.”

I got a big trigger happy when posting yesterday because I was rushing between classes and didn’t read over my post thoroughly enough. (Spoiler alert, I have a life outside of work, I don’t believe it either. :stuck_out_tongue: )


@Saltypatra With the introduction of some of the new mythics you no longer need to include the Valkrie. And I wonder if these will also see a fix. Or if the fix is simply tunnel visioned on a few troops that can loop. Though if they see a fix then it will be somewhat amusing. Given GoW just recently released them to players. Whenever you have troops that can create 10 or more gems, then match them with other troops that do the same. you then can create all sorts of fun looping teams. GoW to really put things into a playable non-looping perspective, if it even has one, needs to dial back on all troops that create a large amount of random or matched type gems. While GoW has always had a pretty good hold on RNG. It also a year ago when I started, did a fair amount to those who planned moves. These days its so heavy on the RNG who really cares about planned moves as much. I feel the prevalence to a higher capacity to RNG over applicable gem picking was introduced to be kinder to less capable players. The same way GoW removed deducting trophies from players on losing. Its being stained by a lot of politically correct. I do not mean to sound like I am complaining as it may seem that way in a few posts these past weeks. Its just getting under my skin that its sliding downhill.Eventually at this rate GoW will have to remove its humored pokes at WoW for its decision changes (which can be seen at points in various texts). As GoW is starting to follow the same path.

IE Instead of this ‘combo breaker’ to break up certain loops. A reduction to how many gems can be generated would do that in of itself. Its like driving and using drifting instead of making a normal turn kind of logic.

Not as if it affects me. However, I know of many GoW friends and just people I know that left the game over GoW’s current state. Even some guildies. I would say that my awareness is not the only one. So it does baffle me why it took the developers such a exorbitant amount of time to even come to the point with this as they are. As this isn’t a issue for a week or a month. Try months upon months upon months. Not complaining as I am happy something is finally coming. Just wonder where they were so many months ago on this. Its doubtful that they were blissfully unaware.

The next kingdom for PC/Mobile is set to be released in just over 2 weeks. Can you give us console folk any indication as to how long we should expect to wait for that? There are many of us unsure if we should bother spending our keys when Urskaya comes out if the next kingdom is going to be a simultaneous release with PC/Mobile only a week later, where keys would be much better being saved for.

(edit: Didn’t realize this was an older post I bumped, that was a mistake, but oh well)

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I’m guessing the second kingdom would be at least a couple of weeks apart.