Fix the Console AI new people dropping like flies

We’ve heard you and how long it takes to fix something. Well you’ve had enough time. Quit trying to impliment new things, quit trying to fix Guild Wars. JUST STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND FIX YOUR ATTENTION TO THE DAMN AI.

In the last 2 weeks you’ve lost 5 people, they have quit the game completely which affects my me as well as my guild since they were guildmates who now have quit. This morning I logged into see a message telling me a guy and his family have just quit the console version. He said he’s tired of the cheating ass AI. Both him and his wife played and were both very active.

These are all newer players who are struggling. Unlike us older players who are sticking it out this is the new blood you are bleeding out. You can’t afford to lose new players over something as stupid as an over agressive AI. So please fix it already. If you can tweak Guild Wars you can tweak the AI too.

CCafe - Tired of losing new recruits to an over zealous AI.


Hi! I am level 147 and i went 5-0 in GW yesterday so i am terribly sorry but what “cheating ass ai”?


I’m happy for you. However I know for a fact you’ve watched the AI let lose on a rage of looping unless your not playing on the console for which is the point this thread was started for!

He is and he is part of nemesis now, PS4 bracket 1 but I believe veteran on pc has a better start then a new guy in general.

Okay let me restate what I’m going on about then.

If you are coming over from the PC/Android version with prior experience please try to keep an open mind for those who just found a free matching game and have no prior experience. Unlike you they haven’t seen all the beauty the game has to offer. All they see is a cheating AI who appears to know what is offscreen, who gets cascades from heaven more often than they do, and when the AI starts a looping fest your game is pretty much over because at this point the AI is going to whoop up on you.

For crossover players you’ve already learned how to deal with some of that stress. For someone who has never played before it’s causing them to quit and uninstall the game. When that happens who does that benefit?

Hi friend! I am so sorry for not making myself clear. I can see that you didnt understand what i meant which im sure is my fault so let me clarify…

I have played a lot on console and i have yet to see this “cheating ass ai”. Is it because i am low level that i dont see it?

Thanks for listening friend! Have a great day and good luck in your recruitment!

Without commenting on the extensively covered ‘Cheating console AI’. I do have a question, what levels were the 5 players that quit?

I just want to ask a question/ comment that if it was guildwars and you have a high level guild facing high level opponents that may be issue. Was it the story stuff AI or player built team AI. Because the latter does do self looping if troops fully traited seen it with many teams but only if third trait is active. And if it was guildwars and a high level opponent their mana surge was most likely the cause. Also some newer players dont want to take time to farm and once they see they need to or spend $$ they quit game seen it happen this game takes normal ppl who dont spend years to get good and most do not have the patients.

Alot of ppl do not even get their first Legendary till levels 120-200 if they dont spend money. They use all gems to buy souls, gold, ans armors because they dont have a guild or are in dead ones guessing your in a top guild and get tons of keys glory and gems right games way easier if a top guild member thats why I built my guild up from scratch taking on and teaching noobs now top 600 guild but no rush started at 13,000 over two years ago

There are different parts of our team working on Guild Wars and the console update. Due to a lengthy approval process it does take a lot longer to release console updates that PC or Mobile updates, which is why they are less frequent. Our console team is currently hard at work on the next console update which should hopefully help with the likelihood of excessive cascades.


@Saltypatra I’ve got to say that I seriously hope this is some kind of Aussie joke. “hopefully help”… the way Justice spawns Gems is the largest problem with the game, with both in GW and regular PvP. I can handle the new unpolished secret/random GW scoring system even though its got a few issues. That’s minor compared to this problem.

Just in case people forgot the last 1/2ish year on the forums: addressing the way gems spawners behave on console needs to be a priority that gets properly tested.

Thank you.


I just want to agree wholeheartedly to this, while admitting that it’s going to be a complex problem to solve without completely gutting the guild guardian troops. However, if gutting the guild guardians is the only option, then please do it. Minor tweaks are going to do nothing to the console meta given how deeply ingrained this has become.


I thought everyone love justice league? I see it everywhere :slight_smile:


They said the changes to the pc gem spawning algorithm was going to be brought over to console which should nerf Justice. But considering what it did to gem spawners in general and how the pc fan base reacted, you can imagine how we’ll it will go here.


Are you trying to incite me? Your using words like “should”.

I’m stop tying here

Edit: ok I can’t help myself. why I brought this up is I have a suspicion we are getting closer to submission for certification… and I don’t want this problem to continue it needs to be resolved.


well i also remember they will nerf gem creator generally so it should fix it, didin’t heard anyone from pc complain about justice league yet

edit: sirain said we will get a 3.1.5 update so i presume in the worst case it’s the last chance to fix it before next major update

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There is still the problem that the two versions are not using the same AI. PC/Mobile AI still takes skulls sometimes where ours will ignore them to continue looping. That is a huge difference with the operation of that team. If they don’t take that into account, then it won’t be fixed.


No kidding!!! I was watching @Tacet YouTube of GW a day ago and he was completely 100% unconcerned that an enemy troop had full Mana because there was a 3 Skull. My first thought was ??? your going to get one shotted for certain. But then I recalled its the basic PC AI version where you can lead the AI around by the nose.


And that doesn’t even touch the ability for our AI to prioritize which spell to cast when it has more than one full, and which of our troops to target, and which colour to transform to maximize the probability of extra turns. Did I miss anything?


I say should only because the only feedback I have is what people have said here. The pc changes were going to mobile post unity update and then console.

I also say should because it was an adjustment to gem spawners in general and not Justice specifically. And considering the responses were gem spawners were nerfed to uselessness, that would include Justice.

But it’s mostly speculation based on customer feedback, none of which seemed to be good. But the devs were still tweaking things and then nothing else had been said of late. So should… But who knows til it’s done. It wasn’t to flare you up man.