>> Poems of War <<

Welcome any and all would-be poets!

Inspired by the Kingdom of Grosh-Nak’s very own poet laureate Gar’Nok, I created this topic as a place
for like-minded individuals to share their GoW themed poetry. So without further ado, I present a haiku:

Genius and madness
It’s a fine line between them
Thus walks Sparkgrinder


In the middle of brutal fights,
Between the screams, between the plights,
From dawn until the end of night,
The hammer hits Anvil of Might!


To clean up cats is what I wanted,
Long endless night of cranks and gears,
Miscalculations that caused minor problem,
A helpful new friend arrives to lend aid,
While I create a new solution.



Like a shadow, like a breeze
Here comes the vampire hunter
Staking her enemies with ease
Releasing their souls forever

The name is known across the lands
Whispered like danger: Avina
But people just can’t comprehend
Why she befriended Sapphira!


There once was a brave man named Brian
Who failed despite all of his tryin’
To become a true knight
For his singing was not very good
And left his fellows just weepin’ and sighin’

I do love limericks… sadly the best rhyme here would get me barred for profanity…


There was a lady by the name of Atlanta
Who was often the subject of banter
She had both the beauty
And a bow that was shooty
To win all her bouts at a canter

Hehe, limericks ahoy… if I get lots of likes, I may try for a full set of Epicks Limericks :smile:


The sounds of battle
A cacophony most grim
Another foe slain… :dizzy_face:

Days, weeks, months all but wasted
What potent addiction consumes me
Every waking moment, a silent cry for help
Unheard, lost to the pull of match-three


Very poignant… but a bit too sad and deep for me! I prefer the shameless/humorous…

Maybe next time. :smirk:

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Midas is his idol
Goldfinger his movie
All that glitters is gold
And gold is his folly
Insatiable hunger
Convinced capitalist
More money more power
For the crazed Alchemist!


There once was a goblin from Zaejin
With a fondness to run in the nude
Though the guards would give chase
’twas a futile race
Extra turns allowed him to elude :flushed:

Watch where you step, or it could be your last
And you’d best heed this warning my friends
Lest you get petrified, that is, turned to stone
Terraxis has lost his last contact lens


Endless sea of green
Poison to weaken her prey
Webspinner was here :sunglasses:

And now for a visual aid:

Mysterious isle, what secrets have you
Shrouded by veils of pure white
And centered upon, a mountainous hill
With doorway reminiscent of night
What will we find, in your caverns so deep
Needing torches to augment our sight
A fortune perhaps, immeasurable wealth
Or foul creatures with which we must fight



The battlefield, littered with the bones of the fallen
Just who were these lives, ended so prematurely
Left to rot, skulls picked clean and bleached by sun
As new wars are fought atop their makeshift graves

Amid the mana, even in death they shall find no peace
Their souls collected, conscripted, and corrupted
I can not help but wonder, will this too be my fate
Should I one day suffer defeat at the blade of another


How cheerful!

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There once was a knight of Swords Edge
Who scoured the lands for his pledge
Luther his name
Battling his game
The deepest depths he must dredge

Today’s Epick Limerick :smile:

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Roses be Red
Violets be Blue
If Green be the color of your sparkly Gems
Dark Song is going to Annihilate you.

  • :blush:
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With stiff drink in hand
Toasting any occasion
Cheers to Sir Brian :beers:

Wielding flaming axe
He can…increase my defense?
What gives, Alastair? :unamused:

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There once was a Dryad named Rowanne
Of Gloom Leaf she was such a fan
And hence his corruption
Caused great disruption
To her and the rest of her clan

This week’s Epick Limerick ™

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Come sit for a while and I’ll tell you the tale
Of a hornless satyr that once lived in Pan’s Vale
As a youth, it is said, he was quite the crack shot
But when his body grew out, the horns they did not

Though skilled with a bow, far surpassing his peers
All their teasing and taunting haunted him for years
You see, to satyrs, lesser horns made one weak
And to lack them at all labelled you as a freak

Thus shunned did he live, until one fateful day
Hornless had enough, he would make them all pay
Donning cape and hood, quite the task for his kin
He stole into the night, his sights set on Zaejin

For hours he travelled by light of the moon
Every thought on the vengeance he’d deliver soon
Now in a village, the satyr deigned to stay
At what they called an inn, just a roof and some hay

As morning came 'round, 'twas their market he sought
A rusty bone saw and potion what he bought
His errand complete, he was ready to leave
When from a dark alley came a young goblin thief

It raced past Hornless as it pilfered the loot
But the satyr turned back, his bow ready to shoot
The arrow soon flew with great accuracy
Dropping the robber with a shot to the knee

Reclaiming his prize, he took off once again
Lest he run afoul of another goblin
Now back on the road with the path crystal clear
Before long his brethren would lose all they held dear

His home within reach, a hamlet in the valley
We’re also in sight of the end of this story
Approaching the well, he peered down its small shaft
Then took out the elixir, a strong sleeping draft

As to what happened next, you can probably tell
All the satyrs that drank, to deep slumber they fell
His saw at the ready, with sadistic glee
Hornless whispered, “When you wake, you’ll be just like me.”


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