>> Poems of War <<

Now that’s just showing off…

Maybe, but it sure was fun to write. :sweat_smile:

Orcs use red
Ogres use blue
Ghouls are dead
And so will you


There once was a tentacled slime
Who applied for a job fighting crime
It performed without flaws
Until it ate some outlaws
And now he is the one serving time


In a town on the edge of Khetar
A Skeleton tried learning guitar
Though it practiced all day
To be able to play
Without ears it would never get far :worried:


Nice work! Limericks are the way!

There once was a bright Salamander
Who burned when up was his dander
But if you say bad things
About the fire he brings
He will readily sue you for slander.


May dhjl and Jainus write more? Please?

There was a sarcastic Jew
And a fan of limericks too
Though it might not quite be
What he wanted to see
At this time it’s the best I can do :smirk:


Pure Genius!

There is a poor ghost named Sunweaver
Whose unknown death does sorely grieve her
And still she yet tries
To know her demise
In the hope that her lost clan believe her

Another Epick Limerick :smiley: maybe I shall collate them into a book :smiley:


That work for you?

It’s ok. But I hope you enjoyed writing that. It seems you could do better. Perhaps writing something similar to dhjl’s tale of Satyr’s extra turn.

This is what I would do, take a favorite character (The Silent One for me) and tell people how he/she became legends.

:unamused: This isn’t a competition, nor is it a place for criticism.

I for one don’t care about quality, and would really like to see more people
willing to come here simply to share their creativity, not be judged for it.

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Sorry if it was misconstrued as criticism, but I simply answered Jainus’s question that was all.

I’m sorry my effort didn’t please you. I don’t have the time or the inclination to write longer ones. I came back to it because you asked - and all my above were my limericks, which I at least find amusing. Perhaps I won’t bother again.

Sadly only @dhjl and I seem to write here. Would be nice to see more.

Deep below the depths of Broken Spire.

Slept a worm bathing in fire.

Provoked by the foe.

Her shadow would grow.

They… were about to expire.


Fire spewing through gaping jaw
Light is thrown, yellow and red
A roar emits from jagged maw
Mighty beast inspires awe
Engine of flame and dread

Cacophony rings inside your head
Another volley shows their flaw
Naked fear forgets all law
No enemy in range will tread
Only fire and ash will spread
None left for worms of war to gnaw


Loyalty given and earned
Unwavering strength in need
The price of honor is learned
Hellfire path to the deed
Endure the heart that once burned
Return a hero to lead


I once knew a gnome named Sparkgrinder
Who left his Carnex with a minder
But she killed him and fled
Leaving a trail of bloodshed
And it took a whole army to find her

This week’s Epick Limerick :smile:

and you never knew Carnex was female…? (okay, so the quest text may disprove that, but hey, artistic licence)