>> Poems of War <<

Orion was hunting
His figure was daunting
In the night a shadow
Who brought only sorrow

The great hunt following
In its midst hounds howling
All around hid in dread
Behind, trophies laid dead

But Atlanta stood proud
For vengeance she had vowed
She sent rain of arrows
Feathered them like sparrows

The hunt lord, she had missed
For he hid in the mist
The mark of the hunter
He had placed to hunt her

Scared, she searched left and right
But he was out of sight
She never saw her death
His arrow took her last breath

Let it be a lesson
To seek vengeance, lessens
Truer especially
Upon a legendary


Searching for lost troops,
Crimson Bat and Sheggra are
Nowhere to be found.


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Though you might think me cruel, to laugh at your pain,
It’s the RNG’s fault that your loss is my gain.

But what’s that you say? The image looks cropped?
Alright, I confess. It was just photoshopped. :sweat_smile:


Nothing to see here, just re-posting these for safekeeping:

“Match Masters” LVL 300!
What madness is this, do my eyes not deceive?
Yet I see it before me, I can hardly believe!
All alone at the top, and true to their name,
A guild quite committed to master the game.
Their hunger for trophies, the gold that they spend.
How far will they go, will their reign never end?
So kudos to you, and your level most high.
Though I might not catch up, I’ll sure as hell try. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Diablo 3 Funniest Death
Elegy for Asteria
In a land far away from the shores of Krystara
Between the angels and demons at war eternal
There was a lone wizard, and the last Nephalem

Though her power was great, far beyond any mortal
Mortality was one thing Asteria could not transcend
Like her many foes vanquished, she too would fall

The city of Caldeum, oasis amid the harsh desert
It was here that she did succumb to a great evil
However noble a life, in the end it mattered not

The fatal battle, against none other than Belial
Her magic overwhelming, victory seemed certain
Alas, the hell-lord had in store one more rebuttal

With the end of his strength came a final onslaught
Through a flood of poison, and his breath most vile
Did Asteria meet defeat for the first and last time


My heart skipped a beat, my sight became blurred,
I couldn’t believe what my eyes did observe.

I laughed at the cruelty, dear @dhjl,
Well done, it put me in, you might say, hell.


Alright, let me have a go at this.
Just give me a moment to summon my inner-Elwyn. * clears throat *

A world without reason
Without cause or concern
A world without purpose
But a desire still yearns

We fight for the people
We fight to take stand
We fight to gain rule
We fight 'cause we can

This world has no purpose
But to kill time for free
This world’s an illusion
And an excuse to match 3


We all know the tale of Red Riding Hood
And how she vanquished the great beast for good
For Scarlett’s no weakling
And the wolf she was seeking
Had three heads and shook the earth where it stood

More heroic twist for this week’s Epick Limerick :smiley:


If it makes you feel better… Crimson Bat was actually the first Legendary that I found…

…oh, that it makes it worse? oops… sorry… :smiley:

Skulls are white
Wolves are dire
If Jainus is here
On the wolf part he inspire

Maybe not the really good, this is my first shoot at it :confused:


It rhymes and has Dire Wolves in it… What’s not to like? :slight_smile:

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I suggest you change your title to ‘Leader of the Pack’. :smile:

I confess that I can not create poetry in English, it can be made in Portuguese Language?:smirk:

Thought about that, but wanted to keep the PQ reference for old times’ sake…

Of course! Though I suppose most of will struggle to appreciate it and give it the plaudits due…

So I’ll try it in English:

I got into a battle with Slime
Green and destroyer as an enzyme
No win, no fun time, just long time.
During the fight, I didn’t get any dime
The experience was so sublime that
I can’t find another rhyme.

Express myself in another language is complex. The words that rhyme are not the ones you want.:sweat_smile:


Hilarious attempt though - suspect your English is at least as good as mine really!

You’ve inspired me to work on another limerick too! so, which Epic haven’t I done yet… aha…

There was a witch as white as snow
And a-travelling she did go
To a desert so heated
She quickly retreated
Back north where the icebergs still flow

She may be an event Epic, but Ice Witch still counts for the Limerick club… not sure about that darned slime though… or finding rhymes for Cthyrthyhiryxzx when I do him(it)…


There once was a girl on a message board
Who wished that her luck could be blesséd more.
But the others who posted
Just teased her and boasted
She hoped one day, her heart would be less than sore




Who plays with peasants?
The most unpleasant
Discarded, Ignored
They are no warlord!

We talk about nerf,
But what about buff?
For those weakly serfs,
To become hot stuff!


I must say, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written any poetry. It’s been a lot more fun than I would have thought! Well, since dinner still has two more hours in the crock pot, let’s get back to my troop series! Who’s excited?!

Fear reflected in a dead white eye
Enemies flinch at the howling cry
None may stand when the pack is nigh
Roving through the woods like a war gone by
In his grin you see your bravery a lie
Raw wild might is heralded high


Who’s ready for part 2?
Well I’m posting it anyway. :wink:

“Is this what you want?” a faun called from behind
"An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.“
Hornless flinched at her voice, and his plan’s ill turn
"Faunessa…” he muttered, “It is not your concern.”

“For too long have I waited, but no more delay.”
“So I’ll ask you just once to stay out of my way.”
“And what if I don’t?” she challenged his bluff
He met her coy gaze, and then said with a huff

“It’s what they deserve, after all that they’ve done.”
“Even my very own father disowned me as son.”
“These years I have suffered. My crime? Being born!”
“To be freed from judgement I’ll free them from their horns.”

Staring down at the tool, he started sawing
"You fool." she began, “This will not change a thing.”
“Even should you succeed, inside they’re the same.”
“Their bias will grow, and you’ll be to blame.”

“I don’t care!” Hornless snapped, “What have I to fear?”
"I’ll leave town when it’s done since I’m not welcome here.“
A crack filled the air as her hand struck his cheek
"You disgrace yourself with this wrath that you seek!”

“Welcome or not, it won’t affect how I feel.”
"Yet you’d abandon our love like it’s no big deal?"
Letting go of his saw, the satyr rose in defeat
Against Faunessa’s strong will he could rarely compete

“Either way it’s too late, the spell’s coming undone.”
“When they realize my scheme I’ll still be on the run.”
“The funny thing is, they should be grateful.”
“To be rid of the freak once and for all.”

She stepped out in front till they were face to face
"Then take me with you, we can find our own place."
“A place without prejudice or bigotry.”
“Somewhere far away, where it’s just you and me.”

What became of these two? My mind’s a bit blurred
But know they were happy, of that rest assured
Now for a quick moral, then you’d best get to bed
It’s what’s inside that counts, not what grows from your head


@dhjl, you are a wonder.

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