>> Poems of War <<

Maybe I otter have said something else.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great adventure awaits just ahead
Do battle with villains until one of you is dead
New companions to meet
And challenges to defeat
Till a new Banner waves in reply


You’re a rebel, I like you.

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An ode to Terraxis and the Watcher:

Gaze aflame is seared in flesh
That turns to ash and stone
The eye is wide and malice burns
In sinew, claw and bone

Here another eye now turns
To challenge demon’s pride
It pierces even twisted thought
To burn within the mind

A contest fought through will alone
A dance of hate for two
But stand ye still, make not a sound
Lest they both turn to you!


Haven’t done a limerick for a while, so here’s a pair…

So foul you can’t utter its name
It writhes with unspeakable shame
It’s Cthyryzyx
Yet for all it inflicts
We seek it like moths to the flame

We fear most those who are Anointed
And yet their lords are oft disappointed
For that ritual costs much
In fluids and such
And the results can be somewhat disjointed

Two more Epick Limericks for my set :smile:


We all know the might of the goblin
Who always gangs up for a mob win
They’re quick and they cheat
They trick those they meet
I’ve naught but the clothes I was robbed in!


Tenuous rhyme, that one! But very funny :smile:

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It was one if those things, I got to thinking, can I rhyme anything with goblin? And I couldn’t leave it alone lol

I met a goblin one bright day
One small but ugly, greenish guy
A very lonesome, easy prey
That know of nothing but to die

But then few more of them came in
And suddenly they do not suck
A bunch of terror from Zaejin
That hits you like a greenskin truck

No turn is lost, just green attack
That makes you feel like bloody fool
With crowd they come, they always stack -
Best students of the webbies cheating school



Possibilities are (nearly) endless :slight_smile: when you abuse the language

EDIT - just to note, above I managed to rhyme ‘Sparkgrinder’ with ‘find her’ - I’d call it inspired, though others may use other words…

Epick Limerick time:

Alastair was a noble knight
Who always tried to do what’s right
And when voices above
Called to him with love
He knew he would go into the light


I did find more rhymes for goblin than what I ended up using, including hobblin’ and wobblin’ (actually thought of it as wobble in). I just liked the way the story came out. I do what I want! :yum:

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I think we are due another Epick Limerick, so…

There once was a giant seeking romance
Through all Stormheim’s craggy expanse
Hoping to find her
And flashily blind her
For his true name was Thunderpants!


This topic has been tragically slow. Time to remedy that with a double-feature return to my troop series, this time with an undead theme!

Axe aflame and swinging wide
Long its reach and sharp its side
All undead will fear their own
Slicing through their glowing bone
Tall and proud, by honor bound
A knight remains to stand his ground
In his soul he knows what’s right
Rend the dead from magic’s might

Shivers cold run down your spine
Knowing fear, you face the line
Evil glows from empty eyes
Living death proves plans unwise
Ever onward they will creep
Throwing skulls and slicing deep
Only those with hearts of stone
Never flinch while breaking bone


Between writing a verse, or playing the game
Is a choice that was easy to make
Every minute I spend, with rhymes as my aim
Greatly limits my trophy intake
For the sake of my guild, and to further its fame
That’s one reason I’m taking a break
But I agree Mitheithel, the lack of poems is a shame
So hopefully others will post in our wake :slightly_smiling:


For @dhjl:

There once was a mighty guild master
Who wanted his guild to grow faster
To his guild mates so brave
He gave and he gave
Til the other guilds he got past 'er.

Nothing like a nasty forced rhyme to brighten up your morning!


In Karakoth heroes are heard to ask
Why do Daemons take complicated names?
Explaining this is no arduous task
Daemons have no int’rest in mortal games

To summon denizens of darker planes
Their names must be pronounced exactly right
Anything less risks being sent insane
Or worse devoured in a single bite

Chief culprit is of course Cthyryzyx
The hardest name of all to speak aloud
Proclaiming it; not falling for its tricks
For this a hero truly can be proud

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die.


Ia! Ia! Cthyryzyx fhtagn!

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:clap: Bravo on the poem!

We just like to call him Cathy for short :wink:
(We can pronounce his name normally but Cathy save time)

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I do so enjoy iambic pentameter so here’s some that’s clearly taken me a week or two to finish.

From Holy Lands of Whitehelm we hear news
Of daemon despot Moloch overthrown
Sent back to darker planes beaten and bruised
The people once misguided now alone

Yet such fervent belief could not quiesce
Such overflowing faith seeks out release
The will of Whitehelm once more manifests
in Mercy, avatar of light and peace

And yet I will reserve my praise and cheers
Until this change is proven no mistake
If Whitehelm’s justice comes from swords and spears
What violence will be done for Mercy’s sake?

As sure as chaos can be cause for war
So too can danger come from too much law