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The Sonneteers' Sanctum (The Poets' Paradiso)

Okay. So I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but I have been abusing the Poems of War thread in recent days after discovering it’s existence. However, the basis of that thread is Gems of War geared poems, but I couldn’t find a post where anything goes.

Having said that, I decided to conceive a place where there are no boundaries, no stipulations.

Perhaps this won’t take off and it may again become a one-sided situation. Nevertheless, I’ll start it off with a very simple haiku (an homage to my rather dry sense of humor).

“The Captain’s Manifesto”

This is a haiku.
It’s not very creative,
Still… it’s a haiku.


Undo these chains, my friend
I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden
Perish the Sacrament
Swallow, but nothing’s forgiven
You and I can’t decide which of us was taken for granted
Make amends, some of us are destined to be outlived

Under the words of men
Something is tempting the father
Where is your will, my friend?
Insatiates never even bother
You and I, wrong or right
Traded a lie for the leverage
In between the lens in light
You’re not what you seem.


An Illiterate Gorilla
A fecking Haiku?
What the hell is that anyway?
Sounds like you just sneezed.

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“Spelling Trust With Four Letters”

To hang from every word,
Like a ladder from their tongue.
Embracing the absurd,
Barbed wire on every rung.

Like a moth drawn to a torch,
Like a raven to a corpse.
Deny the will as you wish;
You can’t defy a driving force.


No, it doesn’t have to be an original piece, but if it isn’t, I’m sure the creator what would appreciate a mention or nod. However, to be fair, our very language is borrowed; just a cycle of reinventing the wheel, so ultimately it doesn’t matter where it comes from, just the sentiment.


These words… Not my own.
But the ethos still rings true.
A boundless circle.

They have always asked us a question
Judged us like a book cover
And they expect us to answer

We’ve been through harsh times
Of discrimination because of our skin
They ask us “Are you from Islam?”
And we give them angry and puzzled looks

“Islam is not a country, but my religion”
And in return, they give us confused looks
We think of it as ignorance
Even a non-educated person would know who we are

And so we go through many questions
With the same ignorance
Of who we are

Is race and religion so important?
Is that what’s supposed to make me who I am?

My exterior is different from yours,
But my interior is the same.
We can be of the same gender or sex
Yet you decided to judge me anyway

I have brown skin
Different from yours
But we both have hearts
And we both can feel pain

So, understand my hurt
When someone mistakes my religion
As a place

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“You only need a roof when it’s raining
You only need a fire when it’s cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing that you have left to hold”- Common sense

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