Surpression Question... And other rhymes

So I have a question, yes sir I do,
If suppression has triggered, what’s barrier do?
If the mighty lose power, I’m sure it will stay,
But if it draws blood then will it fade away?
I’ve been waiting, patient, for traitstones to form,
But still they alludes me, away with the storm,
So one day when I gather, this power of mine,
Oh please won’t you tell me oh what will I find?
I know of a dragon, on top of a tower,
She gathers a shield in an excess of power,
I need only know if this can be surpressed,
So I can directly draw blood from the chest,
And as it’s been written, I do so inquire,
But don’t you be smitten, I amplify fire,
So won’t you please tell me this need is a must,
Impatiently waiting, in Moloch we trust


So hello my friend, who is just known as Cell,
I will answer your question, and answer it well.

When Moloch Suppresses, as I think you must know,
A random skill debuffs upon every foe
If that skill is attack or armor or magic
Then alas for Moloch the result is quite tragic
For although his Suppression successfully fired
All barriers remain untouched, unexpired,
But should that suppression target their health,
Then Barriers will fall, like a drunken old elf

I hope that this rhyme has answered your questions
For I now must away, because 2-point-0 beckons!


While the strength of rhymes is not mine,
I feel this thread is just fine,
If we all asked questions as such,
the forums would be loved oh so much,
and people would eagerly read every line.


Amazing sir, you are a gentlely scholar,
For tending my inquiry quick at this hour,
I issue my thanks and I bid you adieu,
So you can complete the great work that you do.


This should be stickied somewhere lol, really fun to read well done.

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Lol I was very bored and in a dr. Seussious mood


And EVERYTHING is made better by Seuss-ifying it!


2nd, 3rd, and 4th that


I must admit that I harbored my doubts
The dev team would respond to these sorts of bouts
Of poetry bug reports (though it be quite clever)
I assumed the reply would come half-past-never.

I don’t think I personally quite have the skill
To bend my inquiries to capricious will
And submit my requests in the form of a verse
As, try as I will, I can only be terse.


@Lyya girl I confirm with out a doubt,
You hang with the best of them needing no help,
so please just keep at it and do pop a cork,
And celebrate all of your very hard work


I moved, matched five and waited to thaw,
Frozen was my Gorgotha, I never saw.
Knight Coronet, once again with Cleave,
I look at my Karakoth banner and heave.

The enemy Team, I need to purge,
Almost charged, really need that Surge.
It comes, my spirits fresh,
Now die, as I Strip Flesh.

Oh Red Gems, lacking in abundance,
No fear Sheggra, glow in Radiance.
As the flood of Skulls fill the board,
Celestasia rushes forth and sows discord.

Gorgotha summons more Doomstones,
Ready to go again, the Dragon of Bones.
Devastate and destroy, the enemy Team,
Victory for them, it was but a dream.

A poetic version of such debonair destruction.

Brought to you by @TaliaParks, Celestasia, Gorgotha, Bone Dragon and Sheggra, my Main Team (Crit Happens)


The power of words binds to my will,
And i must come here to speak no ill,

Be sure of what @Sirrian said,
As he rushed to your aid,

Since it’s the truth, everyone should hear,
When facing Moloch, your barriers he can tear,

And if you can’t rush to bring his doom…
Beware of all sorts of evils…
That will fall over you soon.

(Had the displeasure to confirm this yesterday. Barriers can be broken with Supression when it targets/triggers on your health.)


My first time in Whitehelm I visit a shop,
The store keeper stares, he’s unwilling to stop,
I look through some spellbooks, then in she came,
An angel of Mercy, a beautiful dame,
To fish for a smile, I spin-twirl away,
And after a while, knock over a vase,
The store keeper, angered, comes over and scolds,
In Moloch we trust, all others pay gold.


This thread is amazing! This thread is quite good!
Entertaining us readers like you know you should!
And the reply of the dev! I’m stunned, I say!
I’ll say one more thing… you all made my day!


To draw me away from my PVP hell,
I came to the forum to break up an hour.
I did love to see verse written so well,
Here in the posts of the forum of ours.

Although everyone’s rhyming did fill me with glee,
A comment was made and yet no-one did bite.
@Sirrian’s post…C’mon! Did anyone here see?!
He said 2-point-0 beckons!.. :scream: Zomg I’m excited!!


For more works like these, please be sure to check out and contribute to the Poems of War topic!

Thank you all for coming, be sure to grab all your possessions on your way out! :slight_smile:


Have you no respect to pay?
Will you just send me , on my way?

The problem’s Yours my friend.
With you I can’t contend.
You are just about me
You’ve left me totally free.

I’m better off alone,
With no-one in my zone.

You’re such a bigot and a snob
And nothing but a knob
Who fobs me off
With drivel
From your gob.

Your haughty arrogance makes me mad
As you are nothing but a cad.
Okay so you have all the power,
And over me you sure do tower.
But don’t be thinking that I’ll cower:
I glower waiting for my hour,
For my dog’s day
When You I shall devour!


Out of the darkness, I come when you call,
Why would you choose to rise only to fall,
Those up against me, they won’t fairith well,
When kept as my trophy, they’re barred within cell.

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Took yours on the way out as well. Hope you don’t mind! :thumbsup: