Please welcome our new support agents!

Welcome @Jeto @OminousGMan !
Please start playing the game to know how it works.


Sorry, I can’t trust @Jeto now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am here for the “like” counts on those first two posts by Jeto and OminousGMan—as if that is a proxy for how much the community likes them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Right now GMan is in the lead 8-7, but will it last?


I had to even it out @Grundulum but doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate GMan!

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We can’t have that. It might make them actually understand what the players want and don’t want.


It’s just quickly twitching your fingers together to your palm right?
Can’t every primate do this?
Not criticizing the weird fact. More so questioning Salty’s desire to see a video of it. Lol

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Is that GMan as in Half-Life G-Man?


That would be pretty ominous, wouldn’t it?

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But where is the video!? Get 'em on stream to demonstrate! :smiley: (post lockdown and all)

Welcome @Jeto and @OminousGMan :hugs: Awesome news, support was in dire need of reinforcements, glad to see it happened.

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Never fear, both of us are players!
I believe only our work accounts are linked to our forum accounts :necktie:


Yes it is :slight_smile:


Hi @Saltypatra is @OminousGMan still working with you?

… yes?

Should he not be?

Maybe just waiting for their first activities of them outside this thread, here in the community :wink:

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Uh oh. @Wow, what did you do?! :rofl:

I wouldn’t expect that. They’re support agents, not community managers. I expect most of their work would be handling support tickets and you’ll only occasionally see them on the forums when they need to pitch in with bug reports or let us know something in Salty’s absence.

Hopefully their efforts are showing up on the support backlog though.



@mitamata is correct. You may see them around, but not in the same capacity that you see me at this time. :slight_smile:

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If you could only pick one mod, which would it be? I think I’d be stuck between Biomes o’ Plenty and Optifine :thinking:

Welcome to the community, we are all pretty crazy in here so may your coffee be strong and your inbox robust :rofl:

Hey @Hawx ! I last played through a lot Stoneblock 2, but just been more interested in mod packs with heaps of crafting options, over a pack that is Quest focused. Like, Crackpack 3 and MC Eternal Lite :woman_mage:t2:

Everything FTB is usually a win though