New CX Human!

Hi folks,

Some of you may have noticed a new name showing up in Support tickets and around the place so it’s time we introduced them!

@Bramble is our new CX Human!
We’re so excited to have Bramble on the CX Team as someone with a passion for games, game dev and community! and just generally a super chill and fun person to work with.

You’ll see them start answering and helping out with the Bug Reports here on the Gems of War forum and as time goes on and they learn the ropes they’ll get more and more involved :slight_smile:

Please help us welcome them to our passionate Gems of War community.




My name is Bramble, and I love playing games in my free time.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Welcome Bramble!

Hello Bramble

Nice to meet ya, Bramble :wave:t5:

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@Bramble welcome to the realm of the Gems of War forum. (Ian McShane’s voice)


For however hopeless and cynical I may feel about the state of everything in Gems of War, good luck and welcome.

What kind of games do you play?


I hope you know what you are getting into. If you possess reasonable communication skills and are willing to use them you’ll probably be very welcome.

A question to get your started, which potion isn’t the Celestial Flask weapon creating and what is the reason for it? :woozy_face:


Welcome, Bramble!

(And may the gods have mercy on your soul… :grin: )


Hello @Bramble and good luck.

Can you maybe start by following up on a very short message posted by @Kafka in this topic?

Information about bans - #484 by Kafka

Some follow up comments made it clear that “the players” still have many valid questions about the Vault event that got cancel’d, and about the “extra” Vault event we got promised, seemingly the one that got scheduled. Please read up and try to answer back.

Spoiler: Even with the announcement of Kafke, one regular Vault event in January is still missing, however the situation gets twisted or rotated. :slight_smile:
No pressure, talk it through. But be aware of discrepancies as the players learned to be through time - for self precaution.


Hola @Bramble again!

Sorry my previous greeting message was selectively removed because it wasn’t “related to this thread” seemingly due to it having a follow up question, but now that apparently those are allowed in the thread trying again: could you please check on the periodicity of vault events that we can expect from now on? (used to be around once every 6 weeks until December 2022).

:blush: :pray: :vulcan_salute:


Joins company on Monday, goes TGIF on Tuesday. Definitely a fast learner!

Welcome, Bramble!



That’s funny :sweat_smile:


Welcome @Bramble
I appreciate to hear that you love playing games in your free time, but I would love to hear, if you play GoW?
No matter if it is in working or free time…


…saw what’s going on here and ran. Never stopped.
Good for @Bramble :wink:

Posted above from @ANGI is a really important question for us players so we know what we’re eventually dealing with. Sounds more harsh as it is. But it is a huge difference to talk with someone actively playing gow, or someone with no experience, just working off their time to earn some bucks.


Welcome and thanks for the help you have already given me. :heart:

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Thank you @Bramble :slight_smile:

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