Sorry, That Im not so active atm in the community! :(

Hi All,

Since June, I became here much more active and enjoy it a lot!
Reading, give my idea’s, opinion and vision, helping others is what I like to do here.
I have learned several people some more and that’s great :star_struck: people who share the pleasure, fun and passion for my favorite game GoW
Some of you helped me a lot with how I could work on my Factions, and so it happens that I was here daily, pretty active and a lot of my guildies would say thats not possible in your case :innocent:, daily very active in my guild!
It went real good (I thought) coz I follow several years Taransworld / @Hawx on Discord I thought its time to introduce myself there and was a warm welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But the chat went pretty fast for me, so I thought to come back later but with the new KD, BC and the summer issues of all guilds that we all must do a step more for people who are on vacation or lesser active
Yeah im housebound and 365 days a year daily on but now my eyes whistle me back and let me know that I was doing to much with them and result in eye infections, and so I couldnt be real active here and on discord :frowning:

So Im still here and @CaptainAwesome Im not forgot your Faction sheets, @Wow, @TheIdleOne, @DOLBET, @Tigress and @Helvellyn Im busy with my Factions and goes good only all together is it to much for my eyes so had to take some steps backwards :frowning:
So I have a lot to read here and I gonna try to find the right balance for what is working for me!

Have all much pleasure, success with gemming and hunting these days :star_struck:


Get well soon @Shivandri

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Thanks, @Wow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The infections are almost gone, so now calm start again with reading, reply and gave them enough rest thats more difficult as it sounds Lol, but I will find a way that will work for me :star_struck:

Have a great weekend :hugs:

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take care of your health, feel better! best of luck

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I hope your eyes feel better!

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Thank you all for the kind wishes, its good to be back here!

Much greetz and happy gemming all :star_struck: :hugs: