New Hires! Support Humans!


Hey everyone! Those of you with support tickets may have seen some new names creeping about, so we decided it was time to introduce you to the new humans in our office.

@Cyrup is our new Player Support Manager! She is in charge of support operations and streamlining the process. With her onboard we should see our first response time shrink as we become increasingly efficient. Fun fact, Cyrup is a morning person because something is wrong with her.

@Kafka is our new Player Support agent! She is fluent in support-fu and has been smashing through tickets at an amazing rate. Fun fact, Kafka ate her twin in the womb. (She didn’t really, but she couldn’t up with a fun fact so I did for her.)

Our two new lovely humans won’t be super active on the forums yet, but we thought introductions were in order. Please treat them well while they settle in… and afterwards too!

REDIRECTION from a support reply

Welcome to the game and to the forums, @Cyrup and @Kafka!


Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you Salty and Lyya! :star_struck:


Thanks for the introduction! Hope you see you all around. :sunny:


Welcome! Very glad to see the team continuing to grow - love this game and the community!


Such a moral dilemma: Should i really say “Welcome!” to people going into the “House of Madness” which is Player Support? What’s left of goodness and mercy on my heart feels more inclined to say “I’m so sorry for you…”


I’m all for supporting humans. Thanks for keeping humankind employed, Devs. Are you listening, SOPHIA? CORTANA? SIRI?

Welcome, @Cyrup, @Kafka!


It’s always nice to have new official people to bother!!

I already have a project in the works for @lyya, teasers coming soon, but it looks like another parody may need to be crafted…


Welcome to the kids table for the time being!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ominous! (Unless you can eat it; then it becomes “omnomnominous.”)




I cant wait!


This made me lolololol. +100 @Lyya


I love Minions. I just hired two more interns… I so love Minions!!!

Women power rock!


Yay, fresh meat :smiling_imp: lol Welcome!! :grinning:


The new hires should drop by the twitch cast to say hi. We don’t judge looks, just accents lol


Welcome to the community new people!
I’m going to try and swear far less on the forum as a welcome.
Good luck and all the best with your new jobs.


I’m well acquainted with it being the house of madness - but that’s why I love it! Gotta keep things interesting. >chaotic good


Welcome @cyrup @kafka


Welcome :blush:

I hope they’re paying you well. Everything is always broken :joy: