Please remove the collect option

All events that require you click collect rewards needs to be removed and sent straight to mail. Since there is no flashing notification for these it only makes sense and eliminates any chance of missing the reward. Also please shink the screen and allow all items to appear on the screen without scrolling. Guild war defense is the worse and half the time you have to get out get back in ib order to scroll from day1 to day 6.


This is already half-implemented: rewards you “miss” are sent to you via mail. So you don’t really have to remember to go collect them.

If you missed some rewards, you should file a bug report.

Pets yes but i never saw it for raids,etc fyi im talking about instant mail. That does not happen

I disagree. The Mailbox has a hard cap where rewards get lost when its full.

IF the Devs are making a change the rewards should go strait to Inventory.

Yes, I get that, but since you mentioned “eliminates any chance of missing the reward” I wanted to point out there is already no chance (unless there is a bug.)

The screen is already far too small to shrink all items to fit. Keep in mind many players are on devices with a screen that is between 3 and 4 inches tall.