More summary screens, less "you just opened more minor trait stones" animations

While the animated screens when you open mail and chests and stuff are cool for about 5 minutes, it would be really handy if we could get rid of them instead of having to skip them manually.

After doing a treasure map for example, we can skip all the individual rewards and we get a summary of all the things we got right on one screen.

If I do that with my weekly task rewards mail though, I don’t get a summary, so I have no idea if I missed anything or not.



+1 for more summary screens


100% agree.
There should be an accept all button in your mail that leads to instant collection and a summary screen.

You guys don’t have an “open all mail” button on PC/Mobile?

For me, it’s the reward screen that comes up when you climb tiers in PVP that drives me crazy. They really don’t need to scroll through all the numbers of each reward one by one, then adjust it for wins and losses. 14 times every week.

Actually I think there is an accept all button. I can’t remember. It’s one of those autonomous things that I don’t even pay attention to and when I try to recall it I come up blank lol

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Yeah we do, and it works. :grin:

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Yes, we have an “open all” button but it doesn’t provide a summary.

If you click “open all” you have to sit and wait for each animated splash screen for each individual reward to verify you got it. There’s no summary.

Just so it’s more clear, several of my guild mates got shorted on task rewards this week. The ONLY way they know is they sat and watched how many gold keys, glory keys, gems, etc. they got 1 by 1. There’s no summary showing everything on one screen like there is after a treasure hunt or PVP match.

I am used to clicking “open all” and then clicking the fast forward button in the lower right. Doing that bypasses all the animated splash screens but it also bypasses any way to verify you got what you got. The mail itself only has so many slots so it doesn’t summarize everything.


I’m not at home to check, but I’m 99% sure our “open all” does provide a summary, though you wouldn’t necessarily know the source of what you’re getting. Usually, once I back out my daily rewards, everything else is guild tasks.

However, I never even think about whether I’m getting what I’m supposed to be getting. I just think “Cool, free stuff! I should probably donate to my guild…”

I never watch throgh guild rewards, god knows how much maybe i didnt get when i should. .

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That’s exactly what I was thinking today when a couple of my guild mates realized they have been shorted a significant amount, like north of 50%.

I play on PC and Console. Console has a summary screen when you open your mail; PC does not. I agree that I wish PC had a summary screen just like Console does and have never understood why they are different.


Could you give a bit more detail? Was this one particular guild task, or all six colors? Legendary tasks?

A week ago, my guild completed all 6 basic tasks. The following rewards were missing:

565 gems
42 event keys
63 gem keys
386 glory keys
2700 souls
590 gold keys
4 maps

I always wait to collect the basic tasks until they are all done. Then, I open them and check. Thankfully, this was the only time mine were bugged. But, I’ve had guildmates that have had it happen to them a few times.

TLDR: Always check your task rewards.


It was all 6. See also @Ashasekayi’s post.

If you’re completing 1 level of 1 guild task at a time, you open your mail to a “you received 9 gem keys” email.

If you collect all levels of all 6 tasks at once, the numbers SHOULD look like Ash says but there’s no one screen that tells you that.

The initial mail says you received 565 gems, 42 event keys, 63 gems keys and when it runs out of space in the interface, it just puts a plus sign.

When you actually cash it in, if you don’t sit and wait for every splash animation to pop up (and these animations can be skipped on purpose OR accidentally) you’ll never know what you actually got.

If I remember after rest this week, I’ll take some screenshots to see if that helps explain it better.

I really need to start paying attention now that I’m getting all rewards in one go.