Please please please dont allow Red Charlotte in pvp

For obvious reason of a forever looping spell. Why even call it a match 3 game anymore. Just push the button and cast spells.

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It’s only an issue if she keeps the turn between casts. Since she doesn’t, you have plenty of chances to silence her, drain her mana, or set your own looping team in motion. I highly doubt she will appear in a meta team, though I am certainly prepared to hate the world if I turn out to be wrong.

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We dont use towers ourselves so her damage is quite crap and as grundulum said she also pass turn so i would be happy if AI keep casting a 3x damage spell and pass turn everytime instead of “doing all the crap that can do now”.

Pretty lame troop to use on pvp both in offense and defense imo.


totally agree. 29 or whatever damage she does vs a non-tower is laughable in pvp and she can’t create gems/give an extra turn so there really isnt any way to exploit her spell in pvp. she’d be pretty inaffective.