Queen Mab removal of unable to freeze

I get that she can freeze randomly on match 4s, but can you remove the fact that she cant be frozen???

I dont have her and cant seem to get her on xbox due to crappy rng, however she is a pain in the arse to fight lol

Got khorvash? Or any stun troop will work on her tbh. Stun her and she goes from being a pita to a pushover.
Also got any impervious or immunity to frozen troops?


Yeah i have Korv.
I only have one troop imperv to frozen and i cant remember what it is, but it was not a good troop.

Right now i am using,
Green Seer (purple) :frowning: rng wont give me any more
Giant Spider (orange)
Kraken (orange)
Kraken (orange)
All fully traited.

If you power up Seer within two turns, her and spider loop kicks arse.
The Kraken devours are normaly pretty good, so i munch Mab as most leave her in last slot.

However, if she starts freezing, the ai normaly gets more than one match 4 and pretty much fingers me and i lose.

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I don’t believe Queen Mab needs that change. She’s the ice queen, it’d be daft if she could be frozen. She’s also perfectly beatable: you can get Amira from the Leonis quests, who can often one-shot Mab.

Personally, I don’t think she should have Arcane. Her damage output is already very high (you just can’t see the numbers).


I agree about all but the nerf. She is fine as she is, imo. Before nerfing her, there is a ton of stuff that should take priority famine cough cough