Remove extra turns on 4+ matches

Hi everybody.

Last AI update has brought a lot of frustration.
I have think about it and maybe there is a simple way to “fix” it.

Devs wanted to give to AI more chances to win.
I don’t know exactly how they do it, but it seems clear that in overal there are way more chance in game to get 4+ matches falling from the sky, for us and for AI.
I heard several times that they also introduce a combo breaker in the system (and I have to say that being forced to do that is a clear symptom that something is wrong).

As a result, we get a lot of cascades magically falling from the sky, sometimes so annoying that you see defense’s teams filling themselves in one turn after matching only 3 gems.
I believe our attack teams do sometimes the same, but it’s more obvious when we suffer it :yum:

But cascades doesn’t explain all.
I think there are in game now too much self-looping troops or combo.
Some troops are able to cast several times in a row (like DAT LOOP Webspinner).
Some teams can loop forever (Alchemist / Hellcat ; Green Seer / Giant Spider ; Dark Troll / Rock Troll ; etc).

What is the real problem in those 2 (cascades from hell and overlooping teams/troops) ?
Making a lot of mana AND getting an extra turn, monopolizing the game.
You can see more and more frequently a team destroying you in one turn, letting you just be a spectator of your own destruction.
Really frustrating, isn’t it ?
We all liked it when AI was too stupid to do it.
We now are a lot to complain because AI avenges itself.

So should Devs rework a lot of troops ?
Should they manipulate again their code ?
Well, yes they should :rofl: but that would be a huge and long work to do.
Like I said, there is maybe a simple thing to do, like my topic claims it :
Why not simply remove the extra turns on 4+ matches ?
Cascades and actual looping teams/troops will always be able to make a lot of mana, remaining powerful and dangerous, but each side of the board will be able to do something.
I think it will be less frustrating, everybody will get a chance to play in each battle and a bad RNG will be less influential than now.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Instant game killer for me. Spell chains are the very reason I enjoyed GoW gameplay in the first place. Then they got a bit too easy while still being efficient (kraken, powered by seer/spider, gard’s avatar powered by alch/hellcat) but these were fine because they at least required a soft focus and opening, and often had to do more than one full board cycle to clear a battle. And then Unity came, allowing Exploders to better “loop” without even needing extra turns, because you get more mana on average from cascades, but getting extra turns them sometimes anyways. And then they got braindead (trolls).

Things like Sekhma/hellcat or alchemist/terraxsis where you need a setup and have to examine the board after each move can give you an almost “guaranteed” win - if you manage to hold control without screwing it up or giving the enemy a bad move. That is the key difference between a lot of the old guard loops which were fine, and the new “win button” loops is that the new ones don’t require any sort of focus at all (and the AI can do them). The other problem is having practically free-setup, one-cycle clears rather than needing to be methodical about your approach. Removing gem match extra turns would also boost the relative efficiency of exploders beyond what it is anyways, because they can still cascade a ton of mana.


you can remove them yourself with freeze ability.